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Do you view comments as a source of traffic? Perhaps because of the proliferation of spam comments or because of some fairness in this business, some people do not think so. Everything would be nothing if not ... Again, the same many webmasters, as well as optimizers, build their income on the Internet on the creation and monetization of the SDL. Bleeding puzomerki TIC becomes almost the main thing they do in the process of monetization of sites, if you do not take into account the content. Commenting as such becomes extremely unprofitable in time consuming matter. If we consider that the links in the comments are often closed, then this method was completely removed from the list of many webmasters.

Why commenting then?

If it is difficult or even unrealistic to pump the puzomerki with comments, then why is this “ignoble” occupation? I’m talking about the Russian segment. There is one more important value, which is also quite good it is monetized. This is traffic. And the traffic directly depends on our comments. If the comment is sensible and the case is interesting and informative, then the level of respect for such a commentator immediately stands out from the rest. Such comments bring traffic to their owners. There is a psychological and marketing fact The comment becomes a kind of advertising board. If it (the text) causes a positive feedback from the readers, then they (read) how customers go to the store (to the comment author’s blog) and become either customers (subscribe to RSS, etc.) or potential clients (log in from time to time, blog has been added to favorites).

Traffic or belly?

Do you want to have a bullet through comments? Comment on the bourgeois blogs. What is the TIC in the west "do not know" and bourgeois search engines do not filter it. Where to get bourgeois comments, if the language of the problem? There are translators. Translators are very good at working with short and uncomplicated sentences, without any kind of turnovers, such as “wash, do, get intoxicated” adverbs, make two dozen or so on different topics and that's all. Take comments from other bourgeois as a basis, translate into Russian , simplify and translate into English.

I will mention comments in the Russian segment. I will mention it because 100% are sure that there will be opinions on this article that they say the comments work with us. Work, I agree. And I know people who reap traffic hundreds or two or three unique per day. But, such fruits are the result of the work of those dozens of comments on billboards. The question is that not all your comments will be in demand. It happens that you write like peas on the wall. Zero sense. Fish places need to know. Where are they? At a minimum - these are thematic blogs, forums.

Content to the whole head

Remember one simple truth. If you use comments as a method of receiving traffic, then try to get your readers where to come and what to read. And then the links in the comments are added, and you come to the blog, and there is practically no content, there’s really nothing to read, one echo and boredom. As they say, “I have created myself, I will kill myself.” First of all, take care of your blog, content and other things.

PS Speaking of comments. Posting is also a strategy for getting traffic 1) The links are open, you gain weight and tum, 2) you get traffic, 3) links are eternal. This means that this blog is open for the guards. Conditions will be posted on a separate page a little later.

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