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People lived at all times who liked to collect collections. They made them from everything, bottle caps, old watches, coins, but philately remains the most popular type of collectibles.

Valuable postage stamps continue to be collected to this day, although the excitement has gone out a little.

Philately as an investment method is a good option. Nowadays, collecting a collection is easy, there is the Internet and many travel. It is enough to ask friends who are going abroad to buy several brands and you can quickly build your own gallery.

Collecting as an investment method | Workion. ru

Philately - selling stamps

Experienced stamp collectors spend a lot of time and money on their passion, but this is done not only for the passion.

A large collection costs a lot of money, especially if it contains rare items. It is never late to start collecting stamps and the sooner you take the first step, the sooner you will find profitable offers.

Philatelists are in constant monitoring of offers on the market. It's good that now there is Internet, you can find anything through it. Plus, postage stamps are easy to send to another city. For the sake of interest, visit the site with ads for and see how many collections are sold:

Collecting as an investment method | Workion. ru

For years, people have been looking for suitable brands for their collections. Stamps are collected according to various criteria, starting with beautiful landscapes and ending with certain years.

It is not necessary to go abroad in search of the best offers, there are online auctions where postage stamps are also sold. For example, on:

Collecting as an investment method | Workion. ru

You should look for the cheapest brands, only they do not represent great value and are more suitable for your own collection than for investments. The market for philatelists is not stable, every collector is experiencing ups and downs, this is normal.

How to make philately a profitable?

It is not so easy to turn coin collecting into a profitable business. In this case, too, has its own subtleties. You can waste a large amount, but you can, on the contrary, catch luck by the tail by selling the cheapest brand for serious money.

There are 4 important points that beginners should know about:

  1. You don’t need to invest big money right away, you must first master the market. Some take several years to do this; the longer the term, the better. Experience helps to understand what the market depends on, what events affect prices and much more.
  2. Every collector must understand that the search for a good specimen may take several years. In addition, the price of the brand can rise in a long time, so philately is a long-term investment.
  3. The cost of stamps becomes as high as possible only in one case, if they are collected in a collection. Instances are selected in one "bunch" by the most diverse criteria.
  4. There must always be a large amount in your pocket so that you can redeem an expensive brand at a reduced price. At any time on the sites on the network can put the best copy.

Chasing the number to the philatelist is not worth it, the value of the collections is determined by the quality of the instances . You will not find exact selection criteria and quotations, you need to be a professional to determine the exact price.

While there was a crisis in our country, philatelists had a real chance to get rich. People sell valuable copies for money, an order of magnitude lower. The main thing is not to hurry, wait for the best moment and invest only in those brands and collections that you yourself would have bought in the future.

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