Collect a farm from old smartphones and earn money passively

More and more ways to earn money on mobile devices. They are equipped with a large amount of RAM, powerful processors that can be used to perform various tasks. In the background, gadgets can work around the clock, even without your participation.

Earnings on telephone farms - passive income from old smartphones, which has already been tested by a huge audience. He really can be profitable, though not so big .

Although it all depends on how many devices are connected and how many applications are installed on them.

Collect a farm from old smartphones and earn money passively

Farms from phones, does it make sense?

It is important to note that this is not about mobile mining cryptocurrency. At the moment, this is the most popular way to put money on the machine from the phones, but it is not the only one.

The fact is that mining on a smartphone brings too little profit, and the devices are not designed for it.

There are different programs for earning money on the phone and they will be more useful if the background use of the device is available. Such an idea came to mind Canadian bloggerTom Blake.

He found a selection of applications that generate revenue on the machine in two ways. The first reproduce video ads on devices. The second collect personal data (for resale to other companies).

Tom himself indicates that this type of earnings is not the most profitable. Residents of the United States and Canada receive approximately 50 cents per day from each phone. But if they are 5 or 10, it already turns out well.

And the most important thing is that you don’t have to work on your own, the passive source of profit really works and you don’t need serious knowledge or large investments.

Tips for earning and building a mobile farm

Everything is very simple, phones in the farm do not need to be interconnected. Just assembled the device and connected them to the chargers. Then just run on them special applications and wait.

Money will slowly drip, and in order not to go into the minus and do everything right, listen to Tom's advice :

  1. It is advisable to use Android devices. When buying, they will be cheaper and more applications have been created for them that allow you to earn passively.
  2. To build a decent farm, it makes sense to buy used devices, and they can be with external defects in order to save money.
  3. Look for devices only with Android above version 5. Many applications are not supported on earlier versions of the operating system.
  4. You also need to select devices that have at least 1 GB of RAM, otherwise it simply will not cope with multitasking.
  5. We need to find ads for the sale with a minimum price, preferably not more than 1,500 rubles. In this case, with average indicators, the device pays off in 2 months.
  6. Do not buy tablets for the farm, they are more expensive and some applications do not work for them.
  7. You can start from your old smartphones, collect them in your home and through friends, just to test the way of earning.

It makes no sense to build a farm of less than 5 devices, ideally, at least 10 smartphones will be required at the start.

The minimum requirements are listed above, what they will look like, how much the battery will hold is absolutely not important. The main thing is to be working, so you will definitely find the right ads.

Collect a farm from old smartphones and earn money passively

Earnings applications on the telephone farm

You can download as many applications as you want on smartphones, now there are a lot of them. It is necessary to choose programs that are able to generate income on the machine.

Below is a list of applications Tom uses, but you can install even more software if you find it:

  1. - this application collects information about users, their activity and location. After installation, a small survey is required. About 1000 points (about $ 1) accumulate per month. Exchange to Amazon and Starbucks gift cards.
  2. is a similar application, not all devices are installed on it. The payment depends on where you are, according to Tom’s observations, the profit is 10-30 cents per day. You can withdraw them through PayPal, you just need to dial the minimum amount for payment of $ 5.
  3. - just for installing this application, give a coupon for $ 5 in the Amazon store. It needs to be left to work in the background, brings about $ 5 per month, which are exchanged for gift cards Amazon, Starbucks or BestBuy. Internal balance is in special glasses.
  4. is the most stable application among those that allow you to earnly earn money from watching video ads. Rollers last for 1-2 minutes, the average income per device is 20-50 cents per day. One account can be authorized immediately on 5 smartphones.
  5. is a similar program, quizzes are held here and you need to answer questions, advertising breaks between them. In terms of profitability, the application is slightly worse than the previous one, but it works stably on older devices. On average, one phone per day will be able to collect 20-40 cents.
  6. - the application with the widest functionality. They pay for passing surveys, distribute bonuses, there is paid viewing of video advertising. They pay the most, for each video 2 points (2 cents), but there is a limit for one device per day not more than 20 points. In addition, the program has a version for the PC.

We also recommend the application in Russian. It shows ads on the whole screen and for it there are small awards. True, it is not able to work on the machine, advertising opens, only when using the gadget.

But in the project there is a multi-level affiliate program, earn from attracting referrals.

Instruction for making money on a mobile farm

As a passive source of small profits, this is a great option. Tom himself has long enjoyed this, but warns that when using more than 10 devices, you will have to spend too much time on supporting the farm.

However, recommends that you try this method for everyone. How to start?

  • find or buy at least 3-5 devices;
  • install the applications on them;
  • connect to Wi -Fi and charger;
  • watch the farm work;
  • check income statistics;
  • order payouts.

Before you buy mobile devices, Tom recommends that you find old smartphones at home and with friends to test everything.

The yield here is quite small, so it is worth trying and in a couple of weeks to calculate the total profit, based on statistics. After that, decide whether to invest in large.

How much can you earn on the farm from smartphones?

This method cannot be called profitable, because it is more suitable for people who already have several devices that are gathering dust in a box desk idle.

Tom did not mention the exact amount, however, he posted on his blog screenshots of statistics, in which statistics on contributions are presented:

Collect a farm from old smartphones and earn money passively

Collect a farm from old smartphones and earn money passively

Collect a farm from old smartphones and earn money passively

In many ways, the profit depends on how many gadgets are used. Tom spends most of his profit on Amazon gift cards; in foreign projects, this withdrawal method is quite common.

Even if you manage to receive $ 20-50 per month, this will be an excellent result. Surely for you 1500-3000 rubles a month will not be superfluous.

Pros and cons of telephone farms

The main advantage is the simplicity of farm organization. You just need to find the devices, connect them to the Internet and download applications. They will not consume much traffic.

With regard to electricity, then it will not be heavily consumed, because it is not mining, which gives a large load on the system.

Yes, the devices are not really needed "ancient", but through the ads it is quite possible to find them at a low price. It is important to ensure that they do not overheat and at least once a week to turn them off for at least an hour (to give rest).

The next important plus is passivity. It takes a minimum of time to support farms, only sometimes it is necessary to check whether the applications really work. By the way, you can search for analogues of the presented programs. They only run from time to time, the phone is not heavily loaded and such applications are able to work in parallel.

Well, the main disadvantage of is low profit. Some applications bring only a dollar a month, is there any point in doing this at all? Decide for yourself, but remember that you can use several gadgets at the same time and download many programs into them.

Also note that output is not everywhere available, in many projects only payments by coupons from popular online stores are available.


Not all ways of earning money on the Internet bring great profit. Beginners do not want to understand something difficult, work day and night. Therefore, they are looking for just such options.

I did everything I needed once and just forgot. The telephone farm will work without your participation, albeit with a small profit.

The idea itself is interesting, and if you manage to find a lot of applications that bring at least a little money in the background, your income will definitely increase. If you already know such programs, be sure to tell about them in the comments.

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Before drawing conclusions about a certain method of making money, you should try it. It’s not hard to build a mobile farm, but first you can try with your smartphone.

You will have to watch a lot of different advertisements, but you will draw the right conclusions and personally evaluate how much money this method brings.

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