Cointellect project is closed | Workion. ru

Automatic earnings on the Internet attract a lot of attention, why? Because people want to receive money without doing anything.

Special services and programs have already been created for this, they are distributed free of charge. How much can you earn on the machine? It all depends on the power of your computer.

Earnings on a processor with Cointellect is the best option for passive earnings. On this site you download a program that will start mine cryptocurrency immediately.

This definitely does not spoil your computer , the program is harmless, and the system is loaded by a small percentage. Earnings on the video card and processor with Cointellect are used by hundreds of thousands of people and no one has a computer because of this, until it breaks down.

Cointellect project is closed | Workion. ru

project is closed

Program for earning on a processor

To start mining, you need to register with Cointellect. After logging in, on the Download page, you need to download a program suitable for your operating system:

Cointellect project is closed | Workion. ru

As you can see, there are programs for computers and mobile devices. Yes, you can use your phone or tablet for additional earnings. Above the versions of the program Coin Miner is a special key, you will need to specify it in the settings of the utility.

Passively you can earn in investment games, learn more about this on the project


After installing and running the program, you will observe the power indicators consumed by the program:

Cointellect project is closed | Workion. ru

You do not need to monitor them, and In general, you can not be at the computer. Please note that at the bottom of the program there is a special tool for setting the percentage of use of computer resources.

The profile displays statistics on income, you can check how much money Coin Miner brings to you daily:

Cointellect project is closed | Workion. ru

The crypto-money collected on Cointellect, can be displayed on electronic wallets. If you want to receive Webmoney or send funds to the card, read how to withdraw Bitcoin currency.

Participate in the affiliate program and get 10% of referral income.

Now, the earnings on the processor are fairly common, and if you like this option, be sure to use the earnings on the video card with WMzona.

It is unlikely that there will be more money on the processor, but if you use the program on several devices at once and attract new participants, you can display decent amounts.

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