Coins on Wmmail. Why do I need Wmmail coins?

Over the years, the Wmmail mailer is getting better, so it’s not surprising that more and more users choose it.

Since the inception of the service, more than 10 years have passed and it has completely changed. The administration of the project does everything to improve the system, so almost every month there are some news.

Wmmail coins is one of the latest news. New currency on the mailer was created specifically for games. The fact is that Webmoney can not be used for gambling, and the duel, tic-tac-toe and sapper, belong to the category of gambling.

Instead of closing the section, the administration simply introduced a new currency, because there are a lot of fans to play Wmmail.

The main purpose of the new currency is the ability to continue playing on your favorite mailer. The exchange rate corresponds to the dollar, i.e., 1 coin = 1 dollar. While most of the functionality is not adapted for coins, it will be fixed soon.

Coins can be bought in a special section, but this should be done only if necessary, since you cannot convert them into dollars later:

Coins on Wmmail. Why do I need Wmmail coins?

This form of buying coins opens if you click on the icon located at the top of the site (next to other accounts of your profile).

Despite the fact that not much time has passed since the appearance of coins, they can already be transmitted and received between users. As well as on the loan exchange, you can create PIN codes and accept them:

Coins on Wmmail. Why do I need Wmmail coins?

There is no direct exchange of coins for money, but due to this functionality, many tasks will appear very soon where you need to transfer coins.

Coins in the gazebo

The Arbor section on Wmmail is popular in part because of the distribution of "freebies". Now you can get it as a coin:

Coins on Wmmail. Why do I need Wmmail coins?

By the answer you can see that you were thanked with a coin. A 0.01 coin is transferred, i.e., the equivalent of 1 cent.

Where to spend coins?

Now you can use them for games, but very soon you will be able to pay for tasks in the money, buy referrals, buy articles and so on.

Job assigners or article sellers will receive not coins, but dollars. That is, the currency will be converted on the machine, so that those who simply make money will not notice anything at all.

Active Wmmail users should understand that the introduction of coins will not cause serious problems. Let the direct exchange of coins for dollars and no, it can be done, for example, by reselling the referral. Buy a referral for coins, then sell and get dollars.

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