Coin Miner program is closed | Workion. ru

Automatic earnings on the Internet, this is an ideal opportunity to supplement your profits.

Just submit, while you write articles or complete tasks on Wmmail, your computer runs in parallel and brings you income. The option is excellent, and to use it, it is enough to install the necessary programs.

Everyone knows that it is better to use foreign services to make money, since they are paid more. In terms of mining, it also works, and one of the best projects offering a program for auto-mining is Cointellect. We already talked about it in the Dogecoin Earnings article, but you can withdraw funds to PayPal.

Coin Miner program is closed | Workion. ru

The project is closed!

Get money just from Cointellect

Mining with the Coin Miner program will suit you independently from the power of the computer. Of course, the more powerful the system, the higher the profit, but there are no minimum requirements. Unfortunately, there is no Russian language on Cointellect, but everything is so clear.

First, register on the site and confirm the email. After that, go to the Download section and download the required version of the program:

Coin Miner program is closed | Workion. ru

Yes, you didn’t seem, there are applications for mobile devices to choose from, so you can bring money to your phones and tablets . The program is installed as standard and, after its launch, you will observe the following interface:

Coin Miner program is closed | Workion. ru

You can not even understand what is displayed where, your balance will gradually start to replenish, and you can do it their own affairs. Turn on the program whenever you are at the computer, it doesn’t interfere and for a few days can bring little money:

Coin Miner program is closed | Workion. ru

If you take into account that Coin Miner did not turn on for several days, it turns out to be quite good amount per month. In this case, it all depends on the power of the computer and the operating time of the system.

How to increase revenue from Cointellect?

While the program is running, you can earn an extra money on purchasing power or attracting referrals. When purchasing capacities, several tariffs are offered:

Coin Miner program is closed | Workion. ru

There are more expensive tariffs, and the more you invest, the faster you will get your money back and you will start to receive net profit.

As regards the affiliate program, here you are paid 10% of each amount spent on the purchase of the tariff. For convenience, partners can create as many affiliate links as well as generate invitations for invitations. Attract new members can be even where - social. networks, friends and acquaintances, forums and so on.

Making money with a foreign service Cointellect is not difficult, but most importantly, the program Coin Miner is offered for free and it really works . Try to teach your computer to work, and let it not bring a lot of money, for the Internet you have enough to pay.

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