CLX. ru - a new level of link promotion - Profit Hunter

I already mentioned reference promotion service in one of the reviews. And it was in connection with the competition for the best story about making money online. The price of the winning story was $ 500 . Yes, I didn’t say anything about the service itself. Those who have already visited the site clx . ru , had the opportunity to get acquainted with the capabilities of the exchange. I believe you have noticed a certain difference with such giants as Sape.

What is the fundamental difference between clx. ru from other reference exchanges?

CLX. ru - a new level of link promotion - Profit Hunter

1. One of the fundamental differences is the ability to earn or promote your sites on display advertising , i.e. banners . This means that on your sites will not place links, as sapa does, but banners. What does it do?

CLX. ru gives you the opportunity to work with many advertisers and get a steady income from your site. As a rule, thematic banners that are interesting to visitors appear on each of your resources. As a result, you place additional useful information for people who have visited your site and at the same time earn money.

Personally, this opportunity attracts me. In addition, you can also sell links on your sites.

2. Acquisition of links without commission. There is no commission. You get a net income . How, then, will the system make money? Free cheese? You understand that there are no balls on the Internet. You have to pay for everything. The webmaster simply pays a monthly fee for using the system. And for the promotion of a single site or the sale of links on a single resource will not take money from you, that is, you can use the service absolutely free. And for 5 sites, you will need to pay only 30 rubles per month.

CLX. ru - a new level of link promotion - Profit Hunter

3. Working with perpetual links. I think the question here is clear. Eternal links are very relevant and important for long-term projects. The gradual accumulation of reference mass is important.

4. Reasonable prices for advertisers and earnings for webmasters. This seems like the most common question. Let me give you a screenshot:

CLX. ru - a new level of link promotion - Profit Hunter

From nulevik to UV3 with a standard ratio to earn 0.51 rubles / month from a link. It fits (well, we are not zero, right?). Given the approach of the exchange to the subscriber and the media platform, it is very normal. On banners, the situation is more interesting.


The idea is interesting. Exchange clx . ru is a completely different approach to selling and buying links. It seems that the exchanges in the way that is today are becoming obsolete. And they either need to expand the functionality, or they oust new ideas and opportunities. Natural progress and natural pumping puzomerok become the norm and the rule of good tone. Think about the future, gentlemen.

CLX. ru - a new level of link promotion - Profit Hunter

P. S. And finally, something like a gratitude for theoretical seo help in promoting the site under Runet 🙂

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