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Crypto money is being mined at a rapid pace and thousands of users are using the computing power of their computers.

Mining, and this is the name for this way of earning, becomes more popular every year. Some do not even realize that this can raise a decent amount, using not only your PC.

Cloud mining cryptocurrency is a unique opportunity to get equipment for using different cranes.

There are many companies that have already bought powerful systems and offer their customers to use it remotely, paying rent. The option is very profitable, if you know where it is better to mine.

Cloud mining sites cryptocurrency | Workion. ru

How does cloud mining work?

If explained in simple language, then there is a computer somewhere that works around the clock and helps collect cryptocurrency.

To use it, you need to pay money, although there are also companies that offer to test the system and allow you to get power without investment.

For example, an Epay system can be connected to them - a rotator of cranes up to 0. 015BTC per day. There will be another IP and a certain computing power, it all depends on how much money you are willing to invest. You just pay the money, and then get many times more on the machine.

It is convenient that equipment companies also allow you to customize mining .

That is, you do not need to understand the complex settings and look for pools. Just register, pay (or use free modes), getting stable deductions.

The cloud mining service of cryptocurrency

The best project on which cloud mining is available cryptocurrency without attachments is. The company is serious, all the equipment in it works at wind power stations, you can mine several currencies at once, and the support works around the clock.

Even if you are not good at everything, this is a worthy opportunity to increase any amount.

So that newbies can use this mining service, we have compiled a detailed instruction:

  1. The currency used in this system is Dogcoin, so you can use the Dogecoin wallet registration. When you pass the registration, you can immediately replenish the balance to redeem the computing power:
  2. Cloud mining sites cryptocurrency | Workion. ru
  3. A minimum of 50 DOGE is required for the replenishment, it is about one ruble (you can use another currency if it is you have). Click "Create a purse for replenishment" and a unique number appears:
  4. Cloud mining sites cryptocurrency | Workion. ru
  5. You copy it and enter your Dogecoin wallet to transfer funds from there:
  6. Cloud mining sites cryptocurrency | Workion. ru
  7. Now you need to return to the Cldmine system to confirm the transfer of funds:
  8. Cloud mining sites cryptocurrency | Workion. ru
  9. In principle, you can not immediately replenish the balance, but use the bonus. Newcomers are given 1,500 DOGE, and also distributed daily 10 DOGE in the form of a bonus. You can't buy a lot of power with this money, that's why we told you about recharge. When money appears on the account, go to a special section:
  10. Cloud mining sites cryptocurrency | Workion. ru
  11. On this site the computing power is called CLD. All you need to do is choose the type of currency (depending on the wallet you used to replenish the balance) and specify the amount:
  12. Cloud mining sites cryptocurrency | Workion. ru
  13. Now you have a CLD that you can use for cloud mining cryptocurrency. Go to the appropriate section and choose what kind of currency you need to collect:
  14. Cloud mining sites cryptocurrency | Workion. ru
  15. Choose the cryptocurrency that is mined more per hour (take into account its rate, bitcoins are naturally mined much less than dogcoins ). When you type the minimum amount for withdrawal (it is listed in the appropriate section), you can order the payment:
  16. Cloud mining sites cryptocurrency | Workion. ru

In a few simple steps we explained the principle of working with the best cloud-based cryptocurrency mining service, Now you can take advantage of it and start collecting money even without investments.

Cloud mining sites cryptocurrency

All sites have analogues, and if you use several systems at once, mining becomes much more profitable. In addition, you can never store all assets in one place, so distribute deposits to several services:

  1. - for registration in the system, you will receive 15 KH of power for free. This is not much, but enough to test the service. Almost 350,000 users have already connected to this cloud mining, and over 2 years of work, 120,000 BTC have been derived from here. Not more than 60 seconds will take you to start collecting cryptocurrency.
  2. - to test this system, you also do not need to pay. For registration give 15 KH computing power. There are a lot of advantages to the service, technical support works without interruptions, withdrawal can be done every day, the return on investment is 2-4 months, the contract is for life.
  3. - if you are willing to invest, then use this system.There are no bonuses, but there are enough advantages. First, the connection is made instantly, secondly, it is possible to divide the power into different pools, and thirdly, the payments are fast. There are 3 tariffs to choose from, costing from $ 2.20 to 6. $ 60.
  4. - there is no Russian language on this site, as well as a welcome bonus. Pass the usual registration, choose a cloud and start mining, after replenishing the balance. The choice is offered mining Altcoin and Bitcoin, and their prices are really low. On the main page you can see the table of expected profits.
  5. - to start on this system, you need only 0. 0015 BTC. This is the minimum investment for investors receiving computing power. Security is the most reliable here, payments are made every night, and 2% of their earnings come from referrals attracted.

All these services offer cloud mining cryptocurrency 2016, they were tested in February of this year and worked properly.

You can invest not only in mining, the game

also offers profitable investments with a quick payback.

Most likely, earnings on cloud mining cryptocurrency will become even more popular in the future.

Now it is only being developed and some users do not even know about it. You are not one of them, you now have a selection of the best systems to start collecting crypto money, without using your PC.

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