Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

It is difficult to find decent ways to earn money, so that you don’t have to work hard, but receive good money.

Every Internet user should think about investments. It is easier to pay money once and then receive a stable deduction than to work hard every day.

This page contains TOP 7 cloud mining projects relevant for the end of 2017. All of them are proven, stable and regularly carry out payments.

Now it’s important to invest in cryptocurrency , and in order not to use your computer around the clock and not to buy expensive hardware, rent power.

Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

How do cloud mining projects work?

The organizers of such projects know a lot about cryptocurrency mining. They invest huge money to create a farm.

High-quality equipment works smoothly, collecting different cryptocurrencies. But in order to support such a business, substantial investments are required.

Funds are used to pay employees, pay taxes, electricity, and so on. A mining farm is one of the very costly businesses.

That is why businessmen are looking for investors and offer them to rent power. They can be used at your discretion, to mine different currencies and connect to different pools for mining.

Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

Now Hayp cloud mining projects are being actively created. They pretend to be owners of large farms, but in fact, they distribute the money of investors, like a financial pyramid.

It is better not to get involved in such services if you are set up for long-term prospects and are not going to attract referrals.

In 2017, crypto money is more relevant than ever. They are now everywhere, they are even used for transfers, payment for services and goods. Therefore, investing in this direction is profitable and promising.

The best cloud mining projects

With a deep search for cloud mining services, it turned out that more than 1000 of them have already been created. These are different projects, with different conditions, descriptions and profitability.

We cannot check each of them, but relying on personal experience and feedback on the network, select the most interesting systems:

  1. Cloud Mining 2017 from.

One of the largest companies with a farm located in Estonia. They invite their clients to visit the office in person and make sure that the equipment really works.

Capacities are offered to work with different algorithms. The most popular Bitcoin mining algorithms are:

Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

Contracts are concluded for a year, there is a service charge. How much will earn, it is impossible to say. Customers can even choose pools to join themselves.

It all depends on the proper use of power. It is too difficult to get bitcoins, we recommend that you consider alternative tokens for collection:

Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

With 100% certainty, we declare that if you extract any of these 3 currencies, you will get more profit than from collection Bitcoin After purchasing a hashrate, the first charge comes within 24 hours.

Payments are made to wallets in the corresponding cryptocurrency. You can enable automatic reinvestment to increase profits.

  1. Cloud mining without investing on.

Only here cloud mining with a bonus is offered. Register on the site, in your personal account you will need to choose the main type of currency of your account.

It is in this currency that the bonus will be credited, and it will also be mined on the machine. Once a day, a bonus is available in the Faucet section:

Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

Minor amounts, do not even expect to start earning from collecting bonuses. This will only help to test the service and understand the interface.

For bonus funds or after making a deposit, you need to go to the Exchange section and buy power. This is done in the format of the exchanger:

Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

As you can see, several tariffs are available, including for a period of 24 hours. But for them, the yield is too low.

Professionals recommend choosing SHA-256 4. 0 5 Year . It is designed for 5 years and with this tariff you will definitely have time to recoup the costs. Payments can be ordered gradually, waiting for the entire period is not required.

  1. Reliable cloud mining.

This is not just a cloud mining service, it is a full-fledged investment site. It is developed by a team of professionals, they offer to invest in cryptocurrencies and open deposits.

When using the second option, investors are going to develop hardware, software, their own cryptocurrency, etc.

Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

Here are a few of the deposit program rates. You can open a contribution of $ 1000 and get over 300% per year. Good conditions, because cloud mining will never bring the same amount (unless the exchange rate rises).

For convenience, the site has a profitability calculator, that's how much you can earn by investing $ 100:

Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

Profitability is not so high, for the year a little more than 200%. It should be borne in mind that these data are presented taking into account relevant indicators. Not the fact that in a month or six months, mining will become less effective.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency rates continue to grow, due to this, income will only increase.

  1. Bitcoin cloud mining.

Starting to make cryptocurrency without investing on this site is quite possible. You need to install a special program on your PC and select the currency for mining.

But in this article we look at cloud technologies. At the moment, Minergate offers a Bitcoin collection only (ETH and XMR will be added soon):

Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

Many are eagerly waiting for other cryptocurrencies to connect, because with them you can definitely earn more ( Bitcoin is too high extraction difficulty).

To calculate profitability and show you an example, we also transferred $ 100 to BTC. It turns out 0. 21 BTC, and for this amount you can buy almost 280 GH / s. What income will be with such a hashrate?

Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

The table shows daily, weekly, and monthly earnings. If you translate into dollars, then each month is charged about $ 7.

It will take more than a year to pay off costs, but the data is again not accurate. Plus, you need to consider the fee for the content (calculated when specifying the rented capacity) and the movement of quotations.

  1. The best cloud mining.

This is the largest cloud hashrate platform, suitable for mining Bitcoins. The total power exceeds 18 PH / s, no analogs are included in the comparison. Unfortunately, there is no Russian language.

More than 45,000 users are already investing in this company, a team of professionals are actively working to improve their system.

Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

The image above shows an example of the equipment. You pay for it, installation takes place within 3 days and production starts through it. You can also see which hashrate this technique provides.

Of the features, it is worth highlighting a convenient mobile application, it displays purchased miners, balance and other information:

Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

Similar sites also offer to buy equipment or hashrate, but it still uses the PACMiC model.

Its main advantage is the ability to return the money invested at any time. Maintenance is easier, risks are reduced, but at the same time, profitability falls.

  1. Cloud mining cryptocurrency.

Another large farm with decent offers. The total hashrate of the company is 8938 PH / s, which is an impressive figure.

The investor only needs to go through the usual registration, select the tariff and immediately start Bitcoin mining. Data centers are located in Georgia and Iceland, official representations are in a number of countries.

Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

Above shows prices for capacities. Over 100 GH / s will have to pay $ 34. You can take advantage of the pre-order offer for 2018 and save almost $ 10 from every hundred GH / s.

How much money can be earned with such investments? When making the calculations, it turned out that the monthly income would be $ 2. 5:

Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

If you use the pre-order, after 10 months the money pays off. The next 26 months accrued net income (the contract is for 3 years). The newest ASIC devices are used for mining, and the team of professionals is trying to get the most out of the equipment.

  1. Cloud mining with attachments.

To start investing in cloud mining with this company, you need to invest a minimum of $ 30. Earnings are completely passive, but the yield is not the highest.

According to reviews, it goes from 80% to 150% per annum. On the other hand, it offers mining of the most popular cryptocurrencies:

Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

The hashrate purchased is distributed by the users to various coins, this is a weighty advantage. The company has a real office, support is responsive, the site is convenient, it is one of the oldest services.

Several types of tariffs are offered for each cryptocurrency, all contracts are concluded for 2 years:

Cloud Mining Projects - Top Rated

Do you want to start mining in the cloud without investments? Take advantage of the affiliate program. Like many other similar sites, here offer favorable conditions for partners.

Invite new users for using your ref. links they will receive a discount of 2. 5%, and you will receive the same percentage of the amount spent on equipment rental.

Whichever of these systems you start investing with, you will get the cryptocurrency exactly. Only verified sites are collected here, if any interesting cloud mining projects appear, they will be added to the list.

Cloud mining has a lot of advantages in comparison with classical mining of cryptocurrency.There is nothing to set up, buy expensive equipment, pay for electricity, and so on.

Yes, such investments are more suitable for conservative investors, on the other hand, it is not so risky.

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