Cloud mining Hashflare, 2017 profitability

Investing in the Internet brings income to a huge number of users. Money is invested in different directions, and today cryptocurrency is in trend.

They are earned through exchanges (trading) and mining. The second option is more interesting for beginners, especially since it is really automated.

Earnings on an automaton with - cloud mining, operating since 2015. Here, anyone can invest just a couple of dollars and immediately start getting profit.

You do not need to do anything, money is dripping at the expense of renting the power of equipment serviced by a real company. These technologies are now increasingly common.

Cloud mining Hashflare, 2017 profitability

What is Hashflare?

Unlike various hyips, here the income is provided by real equipment . There is an affiliate program, but it is not so profitable as to compare the system with the pyramids.

Plus, the Hashflare project was developed by the solid organization HashCoins. The main direction of its activity is software development and assembly of equipment for mining cryptocurrency.

The company is real and even invites guests to its data center located in Tallinn.

The official site provides detailed data characteristics of the data center, from which it is made, how it is cooled, by what means it is protected, and so on. There are also real photos:

Cloud mining Hashflare, 2017 profitability

A whole team of first-class specialists are working on the project. They provide the technical and software part of all processes. Naturally, this entails huge costs, so it was decided to attract investors.

For the money invested, they offer favorable conditions. Of the main advantages, it is worth highlighting:

  • for some algorithms there is no expiration date (lifetime income);
  • all popular cryptocurrencies are extracted (some are exchanged automatically);
  • mining is conducted through different pools, users choose them;
  • payments are made daily;
  • responsive technical support;
  • the connection takes a few minutes;
  • users get detailed statistics;
  • reinvestment is available (including automatic);
  • Hashflare reviews are only positive;
  • for several l t work, did not appear the problems with payments.

Investors should understand that cryptocurrency mining every day becomes more difficult. That is why the interest rates of several sags. However, the plus still manages to get out, and given the solidity of the company, you should count on long-term prospects.

What does Hashflare offer investors?

For convenience, the site presents the available mining algorithms for various cryptocurrencies in the format of normal rates. They do not indicate profitability, because the indicator is floating.

The first two are Sha-256 and Scrypt already familiar to many (many miners work with them). Through these algorithms Bitcoins are mined (Litecoin is mined on Sha-256, but it automatically changes to BTC):

Cloud mining Hashflare, 2017 profitability

Prices are presented for the minimum hash rate, it differs for each algorithm. Users of this system recommend investing in these two algorithms, because Bitcoin is extracted from them for an unlimited contract.

Consider the maintenance fee. It is deducted from income received, goes to pay for electricity and equipment support.

In the users personal account, there are several accounts for different crypto money. They are mined through other algorithms. Invest in the extraction of Ether, Dash or Zkash, the rates of these currencies increase, so you will turn the received coins into more substantial money:

Cloud mining Hashflare, 2017 profitability

When using these tariffs, you do not need to pay for the service, but the contract is only for 1 year. Perhaps during this time you will not raise a huge profit, it is impossible to say for sure, because the rates are constantly changing.

How to make money with Hashflare

To start using the system, you must register. Fill out a standard form, then enter your personal account. Be sure to check the mail. In your profile, fill out the full profile and add payment details.

Continue to purchase the hashrate:

Cloud mining Hashflare, 2017 profitability

From the drop-down list you need to immediately choose which algorithm will be used. Then you get to the page where the amount of investment is selected as a slider. At the bottom there is a calculator, how much power in dollars or Bitcoins will cost:

Cloud mining Hashflare, 2017 profitability

When you click the "Next" button, you will see a contract in which all data will be presented. Under it there is a button to go to the payment methods. Click on it and the following window appears:

Cloud mining Hashflare, 2017 profitability

Now you need to select the method of recharge, and also transfer the selected amount.There will be no problems here, but you need to consider that when transferring from a card, 2 weeks your profit will be blocked for withdrawal.

Mining starts working immediately, and the statistics are displayed in your account:

Cloud mining Hashflare, 2017 profitability

Given the current profitability of Hashflare, every day Mining Scrypt brings more than 17. $ 5, and for the year, the amount is slightly more than $ 6408 (this is with investments of $ 2,700). Further crypto money continues to accumulate on the balance sheet, because such contracts are perpetual.

The data are presented solely for information, the actual percentages may differ slightly.

It’s just like getting money from a large company. As for their withdrawal, the minimum amounts are ridiculous, and ordering transfers is allowed once a day. The network is full of screenshots of payments, this allows you to ensure the integrity of the system.

What is the profitability of Hashflare in 2017?

The most difficult question is how much the system makes a profit. The fact is that there are differences not only in algorithms. Many factors affect income, it changes daily.

Service developers insist that they try to keep the bar at 120% per year. Simply put, it calculates the cost of capacity, relative to the average income. However, judging by the reviews, real figures are approximately as follows:

  • SHA-256 up to 50% per year;
  • Scrypt up to 120% per year;
  • X11 up to 140% per year;
  • Etherhash up to 80% per year.

These data are also not accurate, moreover, in recent months, users have noted a drop in yield by an average of 30%. This phenomenon is quite natural, because it is becoming more and more difficult to obtain cryptocurrency.

Already now, when mining from your computer, a tiny penny is charged, and here the whole system works.

Hashflare pool settings

Clients are not provided with serious mining settings, but they can choose which pool will be used for mining. Changes are allowed to make no more than once a day. Even experienced users can not decide what is best, some do not change anything at all.

Again, starting from reviews, when using the SHA-256 hash rate, the F2Pool and AntPool pools are preferable, and when using the Scrypt algorithm, it is better to choose Clevermining.

Discount codes Hashflare and the affiliate program

Another thing about the two functions on this site is to tell a little, because they can be useful. In your account there is a section "Voucher", where it is proposed to enter the code in order to receive a discount on the purchase of capacities.

Usually they are distributed among the participants in the mailing list (more often before the holidays):

Cloud mining Hashflare, 2017 profitability

As for the affiliate program, 5% of the funds paid by referrals are paid. Allowed to use any method of attracting referrals. The "Referrals" section provides regular links and codes.

Referral codes are inserted into the links to the landing pages, this increases the conversion of traffic:

Cloud mining Hashflare, 2017 profitability

Partners receive detailed statistics on conversions, registrations and deposits. Moreover, the conversion percentage is shown. If necessary, create new codes and get separate links, so it is more convenient to follow the statistics for different traffic sources.

Real reviews of Hashflare

Over the years, this project has earned a positive reputation. There are always enough pessimists, they see another HYIP in this site, which was supposed to fall apart 2 years ago. However, the system continues to function and makes payments. There are much more good reviews:

Cloud mining Hashflare, 2017 profitability

This project is also being discussed in the authoritative MMGP forum. There, users also share their successes and demonstrate the payment deadlines. There is no doubt that money from Hashflare is paid out:

Cloud mining Hashflare, 2017 profitability

No one paid for this review, we found an interesting project and decided to tell our subscribers about it. Stable work for 2 years is an excellent indicator for any investment site. And here also cloud mining is offered, which is relevant at this time.

Another large project provides automatic profit -

. Here you can also use cloud mining, the rates are fixed.

Cloud mining with Hashflare is an opportunity to make money even with small investments on the machine. Who bought contracts without an expiration date in 2015, still receives a passive profit. You can not hesitate, the earlier you invest, the longer you will make a profit.

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