Closed links, how to close links?

One of the most common and frequently used types of links are closed links. Closed links are accompanied by special tags that indicate to search engines that they should not be taken into account when analyzing a site. Every webmaster should know about the meaning and influence of external links, as this is very important.

I would like to draw attention to the importance of not only closing links on your site, but also the need to check the links you buy.

When evaluating websites by search engines, the concentration of external links is always taken into account. A large number of such links, adversely affect the ranking of pages, and can also cause the site to fall under various filters.

For the number of external links to be minimal, it is not necessary not to use them at all, especially since this is especially important for webmasters who attract referrals. Links can be closed by adding the tag rel = 'Nofollow'.

Closed links, how to close links?

How to close links?

To make it more understandable, here’s a specific example of a closed link:

. a href = ”http: // address of the page” rel = "nofollow". Anchor links. / a.

In some cases, it is required to close not only the link, but also part of the text. For example, this can be useful when you insert various quotes or represent a part of text copied from another source. If you need to close a certain part of the text, it must be enclosed in tags. noindex. . / noindex. .

When buying links, you will naturally expect to receive not only additional traffic, but also the transfer of weight to the puzomerok. If the links are closed, then the weight is not transmitted over them, therefore, they are suitable only for receiving traffic. Many webmasters claim that even closed links are taken into account by search engines, but there is no real evidence of this.

Closed links, how to close links?

If you bought an open link, it's not difficult to check it, just open the page code (context menu, right-click), and then check whether your link is accompanied by tags for closure.

Link exchanges ensure that donor sites place only open links, but if you have agreed to purchase in a personal form, better control the type of link, and also warn the webmaster in advance that you intend to buy an open link.

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