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Clickers are the easiest to make money on the Internet. These are special sites on which advertisers create different tasks, and performers receive money for their implementation.

The tasks are simple, for example, register on the site or leave a comment, therefore this kind of work is suitable for beginners.

Klikovy sponsors are not few, so you can spend all your free time at work. The most popular projects in this niche are Wmmail and Seosprint, but there are also alternative systems in which you will also find a lot of tasks.

A click sponsor is a quality mailer, which we will describe in detail in this article.

Climate Sponsor Wmrefer | Workion. ru

Easy earnings with Wmrefer

This mailer is almost the same as similar projects. With it, every newcomer can secure a start in the field of Internet earnings. All that is required for this is to register.

It is carried out in a few simple steps:

  1. After going to the site, click the Register button:
  2. Climate Sponsor Wmrefer | Workion. ru

  3. Fill out the registration form:
  4. Climate Sponsor Wmrefer | Workion. ru

  5. Go to the post office where the letter came with a special password, and indicate it in the personal data of your profile:

Climate Sponsor Wmrefer | Workion. ru

Also, you will need to specify the Webmoney ruble wallet number in your personal data in order to gain access to performing tasks.

Earnings on Wmrefer

After completing all the steps to create a profile, you can start earning. As in other mailers, several options are offered here - surfing, reading letters and completing tasks. The most profitable option is tasks, but other methods are easy to use, so they should be used.

1. Surfing sites.
This section pays for visiting advertisers' sites. After switching to this method, a list of available sites opens:

Climate Sponsor Wmrefer | Workion. ru

Simply click on the title of one of the list items, and a new tab opens with a site where a timer is set at the top. You need to wait until the time on it is over:

Climate Sponsor Wmrefer | Workion. ru

After that, a check for bots appears, where you will specify the correct number of pieces and you will immediately receive money.

2. Reading letters.
In fact, this is the same kind of income, which requires visiting sites. The only difference is that you will need to answer the security question. First, go to the desired section and select one of the letters:

Climate Sponsor Wmrefer | Workion. ru

After that, a page with the text of the letter opens in which you need to find the correct answer:

Climate Sponsor Wmrefer | Workion. ru

It remains only to press the "Confirm" button and the money is credited to your balance.

3. The execution of tasks.
It is more difficult to do this work on Wmrefer than to visit sites, but it is also more profitable. Turning to the tasks, you will receive a large list of various job offers:

Climate Sponsor Wmrefer | Workion. ru

Advertisers need registrations, comments, entries in social groups. networks, file downloads and more. Fulfilling their requirements, you will receive money, but to do it easily, you just need to allocate enough time.

When you select the appropriate task in the list, click on it and study the detailed requirements:

Climate Sponsor Wmrefer | Workion. ru

Here is one of the simple tasks in which you need to register and earn everything 1 ruble on viewing ads. It is easy to execute it, so press the "Start execution" button and do everything according to the instructions.

As soon as you click the start button, a report form appears below it:

Climate Sponsor Wmrefer | Workion. ru

According to the conditions in our example, the report should contain the Email address that was used for registration. Simply insert it into the form and send the report.

It’s easy to earn along with, and you can withdraw money from your balance to Webmoney (minimum pay 2 rubles). Try to earn at least the minimum amount, for this it is enough to perform only one task. And when you withdraw the first money, make sure that this is a real opportunity to make money online.

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