Cleverfarm cashout game

In most cases, users refuse to join systems where they need to deposit their money.

Most often this is due to a lack of trust and guarantees that the money will return. But there are such projects that have been working for a long time and steadily; by investing money in them, you risk nothing.

The Cleverfarm cashout game is an excellent example of such a project. Each player on this project, begins his career with an ordinary farmer, but at the same time gets the opportunity to develop and even become a people's choice.

Of course, you will have to actively play and make some contributions, but this is much more interesting than many other types of networking.

Cleverfarm cashout game

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Earnings for Cleverfarm

The Cleverfarm system works for more than 500 days, and the players have already received about 50,000 rubles. Almost 8000 users have already taken advantage of this game and started to get paid, you have a real opportunity to become one of them by performing a simple registration.

When you register, you will need to replenish your account to buy animals. The exchange rate of the game currency is almost equivalent to the ruble (1 = 0. 93), and you can find out the prices of animals in the Market tab:

Cleverfarm cashout game

Also on the market you can go to the malls where various resources are bought and sold:

Cleverfarm cashout game

As you see, there are buttons for selling and buying, so it’s not difficult to realize the resources you receive from your farm.

It is also easy to make the first money, for this the system is integrated with the Interkassa service, where all payment systems and transfers from bank cards are provided. On the WebMoney and phone, you can get payments from the system, in semi-automatic mode. For other output options, manual mode is provided.

But it is not necessary to immediately enter the money, because after registration you can receive a pigsty with one piglet free of charge.

Cleverfarm cashout game

Visit the "Household" page, where you should see the same. It’s impossible to allocate a lot of resources from one pig, so it’s better to expand right away. Also on your farm will grow grass, which is suitable for animal feed.

You can collect it for free; there is a special button for this:

Cleverfarm cashout game

After the animals are fed for a long time, they can be sent to a meat processing plant so that make a profit (when the weight exceeds 10 kg.). For more income, be sure to settle for a virtual job. For different plants, you need staff with a fixed payment:

Cleverfarm cashout game

Of course, at the very beginning it will be difficult for you to develop, but when you figure it all out, you will understand that this is an extremely simple game. On the Internet you can find a lot of positive reviews about Cleverfarm , the project really works and pays. Try to use the service and get the opportunity to earn by playing.

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