CleverAff - Affiliate Program Overview

Affiliate programs are created for almost all large sites, but before making a final choice, it is worth comparing conditions.

Brand popularity plays an important role in attracting referrals. Broker

is quite well-known, it was one of the first in Russia to provide the opportunity to trade binary options.

Naturally, such a serious "player" in the Forex market has an affiliate program.

Here, webmasters and all comers are offered several types of cooperation, each of which is really beneficial. Nice design and simple interface of the affiliate program site, you will surely like it.

CleverAff - Affiliate Program Overview

How to make money on Binarium without investments?

To participate in the Cleveraff affiliate program, no investment is required, anyone can use this site. In 2012, the broker began its work, and now it offers a wide range of tools for traders.

People like the company, because they don’t give promises to earn thousands of dollars, don’t give out bonuses, but offer an extremely simple interface and fair deals.

CleverAff - Affiliate Program Overview

You can participate in Cleveraff without your own website , since referrals can be attracted by other means (for example, from social networks).

All you need to do to start is to go through the usual registration (Skype and telephone are optional):

CleverAff - Affiliate Program Overview

Affiliate rewards may vary, depending from the selected type of affiliate program.

Three different models of cooperation are offered for selection:

  1. RevShare - brings 35% of the profit received from the referral by the company. Calculations are conducted on a certain period of time, in fact, you get income from the lost money.
  2. CPA - for each attracted trader they pay from $ 20, but for this you need to send a request to technical support. The model is available only for those who have already attracted 20 customers.
  3. CPA + RS - unlimited time you will receive 20% under the RevShare scheme, and you will be paid $ 50 for each trader who loses options over $ 100.

In addition, you can earn money by attracting partners ( 5% of their profits ). When you register and go to the page with promotional materials, you will see the available options for cooperation:

CleverAff - Affiliate Program Overview

Several formats of promotional materials are offered - these are regular links, banners and ClickUnder (a pop-up window is shown once a unique visitor). The choice is wide, there are different sizes, the conversion is high.

The only negative is the separate attraction of different types of clients. But you can contact the staff to develop unique promo.

Payments from Cleveraff come once a month (payments are available to regular partners on requests). Three withdrawal methods are used - Webmoney, E-payments and bank transfers. The minimum threshold is $ 20.

I myself have been using this affiliate program for a long time, so I consistently receive payments. I will not say that huge amounts of money are coming, but there is a profit, it comes almost every day with a referral:

CleverAff - Affiliate Program Overview

What is convenient in this affiliate program is separate statistics. For example, you can see statistics on accruals for the last time:

CleverAff - Affiliate Program Overview

You can also see the payments from the site separately. As already mentioned, they are held once a month, but for those who have been working with an affiliate program for a long time, you can order payments:

CleverAff - Affiliate Program Overview

As you can see, in February the payment was $ 200, these are not bad money that you can get if you start working with Binarium.

There is also a Binpartner affiliate program, where 7% of all transactions of invited traders are paid. From there, I also get a stable payout.

With Cleveraff, it's quite realistic to make big money, but you'll have to be proactive. It’s not so easy to get a lot of referrals on this broker’s website, it takes a lot of time, but the results are pleasantly pleasing.

Now payments from the site come without any effort, people trade, interest comes to me, so I advise everyone to take advantage of it.

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