Chronophagi - the enemies of a successful businessman

Virtually all types of earnings on the Internet do not require a clear schedule.

Copywriters, bloggers, optimizers, designers - all these people choose when and how much they work. On the one hand, this is good; on the other hand, there may be too many things that distract from your work.

Remove chronophagi from your work to get maximum profit and cope with large volumes.

Chronophagies are time-eaters that can be anything. If you have already worked on the network, then you need to understand what is being said, often you have to be distracted by something or someone.

Chronophagi - the enemies of a successful businessman

For me personally, the main chronophagus are my acquaintances. Surely you have people around you who periodically call and call somewhere or ask for help.

To refuse is ugly, and you can completely lose touch because of the frequent “No” answers, and when there are too many relatives and friends, they devour a large part of their free time.

Chronophagi have to face even those who work outside the Internet. To increase your efficiency, you need to determine what exactly distracts you and try to eliminate distractions.

The most common chronophages are:

  • lack of planning;
  • phone calls;
  • hurry and impatience;
  • lack of self-discipline;
  • mess in the workplace;
  • lack of priority in affairs;
  • additional work.

The list is endless and everyone can add their own options here. For example, computer games take up a lot of my time. Well, I can’t force myself not to play at all in them, although I understand that this is a waste of time.

Chronophagi - the enemies of a successful businessman

If you come to this page because you constantly do not have enough time to work, read the article about increasing productivity.

A chronophagus adversely affects the work of many professionals, but if you identify it and force yourself to give up the bad habit (or change your behavior), the amount of work done will increase dramatically. And what chronophagies do you have? Send your listings in the comments.

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