Choosing an affiliate program for earnings, affiliate business

Earnings on affiliate programs looks promising, so thousands of users are constantly showing attempts to use it. Some manage to succeed, and some can not interest people and therefore remain without profit.

What does it depend on? In many ways, affects the literacy choice affiliate program. Newbies do not always pay attention to details and only after they start using the system they realize that they have chosen not the best option.

The affiliate program must be chosen carefully and in this article we will present several key parameters.

Choosing an affiliate program for earnings, affiliate business

How to choose an affiliate program?

  1. Popularity and stability. To begin the selection of an affiliate program for earnings, you need to consider reviews and the number of participants in the system. Even among the organizers of affiliate programs, there are hackers who do not pay money to honest employees.
  2. Relevance of the proposals. You may be attracted by favorable conditions or original goods, but before using the affiliate program, make sure that the offer is in demand. If you cannot find customers, then there will be no talk of any profit.
  3. Efficiency of promotional materials. The most important factor to take care of in advance. The affiliate program should have high-quality banners, catchy teasers and other promotional materials that will help you attract people.
  4. Further deductions. Make sure that the terms of the partnership provide for further payments for transactions made by users attracted by you. Such rules are not everywhere, but it is better to choose systems with deductions from subsequent sales.
  5. Attraction of partners. When you make a long period of time in the system, you will have a lot of information to attract other partners who can also make money. Make sure you pay for their activity too.
  6. Profitability of deductions. No less important factor to pay attention to first. If your income is minimal, then the activity will be unproductive. Look for favorable conditions, study various reviews.
  7. Detailed statistics. Quality affiliate programs are required to provide complete statistics to their partners. It is necessary not only to make sure that the deductions are fair, but also to create your own effective traffic conversion strategy.
  8. Additions to the range. Sooner or later, everything loses its relevance. In order not to get into a difficult situation when your sales will be reduced to a minimum, you need to periodically update them. This should take care of the organizers of affiliate programs.
  9. Frequency of payments. In some cases, partners are asked to pay money once or twice a month. Such conditions are not always suitable and there are certain risks, because for a couple of weeks a decent amount can "run up". Therefore, you need to choose affiliate program with a high frequency of payments.
  10. Minimum threshold. The latter is not the most important factor, which also needs to be considered. Some affiliate programs pay from $ 100-200, which may be an unattainable goal for beginners. While you collect this amount, the project may be closed.

Choosing an affiliate program for earnings, affiliate business

You never have to risk and believe that someone will just give you a profitable scheme and serious money. Affiliate business is a good kind of earnings , but you have to be realistic and understand that you have to work hard in this area to earn good money.

Do not forget to read the user agreements completely, they may also contain interesting points that will make you refuse to cooperate.

10 best affiliate programs for earning

Even with the help of the presented list of criteria, the choice of affiliate programs can be very long. It is much easier to trust an experienced user and take advantage of those projects that have already been tested.

Not the first year I make money on affiliate programs, of the most profitable I will highlight:

  1. - everyone knows that it’s now profitable to attract referrals to binary options brokers sites. This is an affiliate program of Binarium, a company that was one of the first to offer a trading tool in Russia. There are three schemes of cooperation, $ 20 per customer , 35% from the system revenue and a combined tariff.
  2. is the most popular binary options affiliate program. She was opened by a Binomo broker, according to the conditions paid up to 100% of the company's profits from invited clients. Payments, several withdrawal methods and the creation of promotional materials for the order (free of charge) come every week.
  3. - another binary options broker affiliate. In it, partners are paid up to 60% for life, 100% in the first month, or a fixed rate for an active client.Only 3 days are needed to get paid, each partner is provided with a personal manager.
  4. - Aliexpress's Chinese online store offers to attract buyers for a percentage of purchases. Initially, 8. 5% is paid, but the more money the invited buyers spend, the more they pay. Minimal 10 $, there are no restrictions on geo-targeting.
  5. - foreign erotic chat system Bongacams offers cooperation. Through their affiliate program you need to attract models, viewers or other partners. In addition to the percentage of the model's income, $ 50 is paid additionally, as soon as they earn the same amount.
  6. - the service is designed for businessmen, here they order a convenient chat for technical support on the site. With each payment, partners receive about 2500 rubles (20%). Effective promotional materials are provided, payments to Webmoney or bank accounts of legal entities.
  7. - offers over 1000 various offers. This is a whole network of affiliate programs, where you can sell products, advertise mobile apps, attract customers to different sites and get money for it. Payments are made from 1000 rubles.
  8. - analogue of the previous service. Another affiliate program aggregator, where there are currently more than 1000 advertisers. Here for sure there are offers for all types of traffic. Webmasters offer a wealth of useful tools, starting with domain parking and ending with an extension for Chrome.
  9. - affiliate network, offering a little more than 250 offers. Hosting providers, developers of mobile applications and online stores, businessmen and many others offer cooperation here. Payments to partners are guaranteed, detailed statistics.

Before you select an affiliate program, you need to check the sources of traffic. For each target audience offers are selected individually. Not everywhere it makes sense to advertise binary options or video chats for adults.

Choosing an affiliate program for earnings, affiliate business

Do not rush to choose an affiliate program, or even better, try to cooperate with different services. This approach helps to find the best affiliate for your sites and other sources of traffic.

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