Choose the best landing color, it affects conversion

The design of the sales pages is an important point. Single-page visitors operate at the instinct level.

If the developer of the landing page is a professional, then he knows how to create a page with which the user will accurately read and perform in conclusion, the target action.

What landing colors should I use? In this article, we decided to make out one of the important points that beginners are interested in.

The color scheme of the Landing Page also affects the perception of information and causes different emotions among users. This is a subtlety from the category of psychology that helps increase conversion.

Choose the best landing color, it affects conversion

The best landing color for selling goods

The environment affects the person. For example, it is better to engage in sports with active music that motivates, rather than with slow songs.

Similarly, the color of the selling page affects the actions of potential customers. Numerous studies have proven this. So that you could choose the color scheme not only by your own views, but also from the point of view of a professional, we decided to describe the effect of each color:

  1. Yellow - causes feelings of cheerfulness. It is exciting to people and it attracts attention with a bang in combination with black color. The human eye is the easiest way to perceive these shades, so the reaction to them immediately.
  2. Red - as well as the previous color, excites creation, only much more powerful. Heat is transmitted through it, but too bright a tone can be alarming. It is advisable to use it only to select certain objects.
  3. Black is a stylish, elegant and strong color, indicating reliability and prestige (inspires confidence). You should not completely obscure landing, combine black with any other shades.
  4. Orange - symbolizes contentment, health and happiness. Ideal for one-page sales of goods for a large audience. Studies have shown that orange shades dull attention and it seems to buyers that the price is low.
  5. Green - indicates youth, renewal, safety and money. For most people, it symbolizes the high quality of the product. In combination with yellow color, suitable for food. Apply and light green shades, they are suitable for any selling site.
  6. Violet - creates the impression of luxury, wealth and creativity . It is often used by sellers of jewelry, paintings, fur products. In combination with red enhances the effect of creativity. In combination with blue, causes mystery.
  7. Blue - it is chosen for business sites. Causes color wisdom, calm and trust. Of all the gammas presented, it is neutral. Combined with white, blue and gray, suitable for both female and male audiences.
  8. Brown - if you want to evoke a feeling of maturity, wealth and tranquility, use this color. Watches, tobaccos, coffee, oils, chocolate and leather products are the best types of products for sale on landings in this color scheme.
  9. White - this landing color is associated with freshness and purity. It is well perceived by all people, therefore it is used everywhere. Only if the Japanese or Chinese market is used, it will not work (there it is associated with mourning).
  10. Gray - goes well with bright colors. This is a neutral gamma, suitable for diluting colors and eliminating variegation. Also suitable for selling pages with any suggestions.

Of course, you also need to rely on your own opinion. Do everything so that the landing in the first place, like you. Take the place of the client and try to determine the attractiveness of a one-page.

Choose the best landing color, it affects conversion

Online selling pages appear on the web, but their effectiveness is very different. Why? Because some landings are created by professionals and they take into account all the details.

Others are created by newbies who make mistakes. Choose the best color scheme for your one-page, consider the target audience and the type of goods.

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