Chess bets in bookmakers

Intellectual games have long been equated with an individual sport, and chess is the best proof of this.

Many do not attribute the game to the sport, you can argue about it as much as you like, but it’s all the same compete for the victory of 2 players. Without a certain talent, winning definitely will not work, plus experience helps.

Online chess bets are used by true fans of this board game. She has several varieties that differ only in the time allotted to the party.

In the classic format there are no restrictions, so bookmakers often use just such a game.

Chess bets in bookmakers

Grandmasters do not often meet at the board, regular competitions are not held. However, in the bookmakers is full of events (insignificant).

The only event that attracts the most attention is the World Cup. It consists of only one game in which there is a champion and a challenger.

As a rule, bookmakers offer to put money on one of the participants.

In addition, they can offer different bets:

  • double chance;
  • winner in the additional game;
  • draw ;
  • handicap.

In addition to the championships, a huge number of bets are accepted during the Grand Prix (commercial tournaments). Usually 10 players participate in them, the competitions are held in a circle, the lines are increasing rapidly.

Bookmakers often offer long-term bets, i.e., even before the tournament starts, they propose to determine the winner of some meeting, a new champion or a reigning champion.

There are other types of bets on tournaments, the odds are usually high, since 100% almost no one can be sure of someone's victory.

Chess bets in bookmakers

Where do you bet on chess today?

Bookmakers continue to block, they are officially banned in Russia. To prevent this industry from completely disappearing, some companies are offered to obtain a license and work under a transparent scheme. All this is done by TsUPIS, all financial transactions are conducted through the organization.

The leading BC from those allowed in Russia is. After registration and confirmation of passport data, you can make a deposit. The first rate is given free of charge (for 500 rubles).

Chess bets today are offered here as follows:

Chess bets in bookmakers

As already mentioned, tournaments are held not so often, but there are almost available events is always. Just now in New York, a match for the title of world champion in 2016.

A clear outsider and favorite is involved in it, so the coefficients vary greatly:

Chess bets in bookmakers

Karjakin’s probability of winning is, but not so high. The coefficient for his victory is high, besides you can take advantage of additional bets.

If you bet 1000 rubles on Carlsen, the winnings will be only 1200 rubles, and if you put the same amount on his opponent, there is a chance to increase the bet amount 8 times:

Chess bets in bookmakers

Who is well versed in chess, knows the technique of playing athletes, follows the news and just enjoys a professional game, can make a correct prediction.

Everything should be taken seriously, if you approach the bets on chess without knowledge and at random put money, the risks will be high. As in other sports, it is necessary to make forecasts, listen to the opinion of experts and follow the life of the participants of the tournament.

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