Cheerful CPA-network KMA. biz - Profit Hunter

Continuing to raise the topic of earnings on the Internet and CPA networks, today decided to analyze the work of the young CPA network - KMA. biz.

Experienced arbitrators are familiar with the KMA affiliate program most often for two points - this is their unforgettable pig logo and, of course, support.

Cheerful CPA-network KMA. biz - Profit Hunter

Since 2013, the affiliate program has already acquired more than 30 thousand registered webmasters. By the way, the registration is simple, it is intuitive, fast and without SMS.

What are they pouring into KMA?

Affiliate programs are always done. There are about 600 of them in the CMA. Some of them you will see immediately after registration are offers from the first group with a large number of landings and gaskets.

These include:

  • commodity,
  • financial,
  • mobile,
  • e-commerse offers with different GEO throughout the CIS.

After the first payment, you will get access to the offers of the second group. Most often these are exclusive, trend offers that will allow you to increase your income when working with an affiliate program at least twice.

The team is actively developing the service and offers to write them on new land, gaskets and even new offers (if you are ready to pour on something that is not in the system now - KMA guarantees to connect it as soon as possible).

Functionality of the CMA

In the CMA, you will find simple and useful functions of such an API, and Postbacks, Fitbacks, and much more. I personally really like the Domain Parking feature when working with social networks.

Cheerful CPA-network KMA. biz - Profit Hunter

You should put a separate tick for agent offices with traffic discounts up to 20% in Direct / Advert, Visitweb, Visitweb, Gnezdo. ru and other networks. In addition, you will receive an individual attitude of support systems, money for test leads and other buns.

In order to select a good offer, the KMA has prepared another high-quality functionality - TOP stats. It is updated every week with conversion rates and lead approval schedules.

And if the real statistics on the offers are interesting, then I was burned by a personal friendship with a support: here’s the advert statistics:

Offer: "Sauna film for the waist"

GEO: Russia,

Cost: 790 rubles

Confirmed application: 350 rubles.

Cheerful CPA-network KMA. biz - Profit Hunter

It is very useful to be friends with support in KMA, note

Chips from KMA

You can subscribe to them in social networks, participate in interesting contests, such as “Brave Arbitrator” and follow the newsletter, which is often not only informative, but really funny.

For example, once I received this video with netopov arbitragers:

[youtuber youtube = 'http: // www. youtube. com / watch? v = rRpuyrygZ-8 ′]


For those who are looking for ways to monetize their traffic, be sure to try.

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