Checking sites for fraud and exposing scam on Baxov Net

Scammers on the Internet feel confident because they manage to hide behind fake masks. New scammers are opened every day, and razvodily sometimes do not even bother to make the original site, simply copying popular services or using the same template.

Exposing the scam on the Internet from is a real help for every newbie. The statistics are sad, judging by the number of messages on the network that someone was deceived, this happens very often. The fight against fraudsters is weak, so the developers of Bucks No, they decided to withdraw diluted .

Checking sites for fraud and exposing scam on Baxov Net

About the Baxov Net project

The main goal of the creators of this project is to convey information about deception schemes on the Internet to each users. To this end, they have been conducting their information portal since 2017, where reviews of various sites are published. They do not make loud statements, directly accusing of fraud, and detail in detail all the nuances and provide evidence.

Where do newbies go in to learn more about a particular project? Looking for reviews through search engines. They do not even realize that reviews for site promotion are easily screwed up.

It is necessary to make it a rule, when doubts arise about a particular service, go to Baxov Net. Use the search form to check if the site has already been reviewed. If not, offer it for review or at least leave a comment with a link that other visitors can reply to.

Fighting fraud is not easy, the attackers are constantly inventing something new and using modern technology. Therefore, the first thing you need to be careful and know how to check any site.

Advantages of Baxov Net

There are now a lot of sites exposing scams, but some of them themselves may be related to fraudsters. In addition, Bucks does not have a number of advantages, using this project is much more convenient and efficient:

  • there is a form on the main page for quickly searching for reviews;
  • in base about 1000 projects, some of which are in the category of "doubtful";
  • the resource is constantly filled with new materials;
  • ; in a separate section, the types of earnings are analyzed and useful posts about earnings are published;
  • you can offer links to scam that you will find;
  • users communicate with each other through comments;
  • eat ü subscribing to the newsletter about new divorces and schemes of deceivers;
  • you can ask for help in returning money;
  • developers lead a channel to Telegrams.

Plus to all this, the action is now being held. On it you can get 100 rubles for exposing the scam. All you need to do is to repost the page with the terms of the promotion, find a unique project (which is not on Baxov Net) and write at least 300 characters in the review. Share your bitter experience and get paid for it, plus help other users bypass intruders.

Acquaintance with the site Baxov Net

The developers did a serious job, they managed to create a really high-quality resource. It is presented in the form of a regular blog, where new posts are added frequently. Turning to the main page, you will immediately see the most popular scam, and at the top is the main menu:

Checking sites for fraud and exposing scam on Baxov Net

One of the advantages of Bucks No over competitors - the quality of reviews. There are sites where they simply write - this service is a hoax, but this one is not. Here the scheme of the scam also is analyzed in detail, the evidence base is collected, contacts are presented, and so on:

Checking sites for fraud and exposing scam on Baxov Net

The detailed reviews help not only to find out if the site is cheating or not, but also to figure out how to act scammers on the Internet. This is also important, because it is better to learn how to identify intruders yourself. In the sidebar of the site there are blocks for switching to Telegrams, signing a subscription to Email and links to the most popular posts - how to get money back, how to check the site:

Checking sites for fraud and exposing scam on Baxov Net

It was hard to push the database, because fraudsters not only create a lot of similar resources. They also change domain names, continuing to deceive people. In the "Scam" section you will find a selection of categories with cheat projects:

Checking sites for fraud and exposing scam on Baxov Net

A voting function has been added to each page. Visitors leave their opinions on different sites. On the basis of this overall rating is set. In the section “On Testing” there are sites that are checked through public opinion:

Checking sites for fraud and exposing scam on Baxov Net

Using the Bucks website No, it's not at all difficult, especially since this is an information portal. Before you buy an infoprodukt, invest money on the Internet or start making money online, go to Baxov Net and check it out, it will not take much time, but it will help to circumvent the scammers.

Useful articles on Baxov Net

Another reason to look at this site is to study the subtleties of common types of earnings on the Internet. The whole team is working on the content of this resource, in addition to exposing the scam, they describe in detail the Internet earnings schemes. Unlike other sites with similar content, all nuances, risks, subtleties, difficulties are presented here:

Checking sites for fraud and exposing scam on Baxov Net

Authors of articles about online earnings are often silent about certain moments, because they need to attract referrals. Here, the authors do not recommend any services and do not guarantee profit. In the "Expert Opinion" section, only reviews are published, by the way, there is information on the most popular cryptocurrencies.

How to tell everyone about the new scam on the Internet?

Who has not encountered deception on the network? Some bypassed them, others lost money or worked without remuneration. In any case, everyone had to get on the scam sites. Only if we start to fight together with the attackers, it will be effective. Administration of Bucks No accepts services for review:

Checking sites for fraud and exposing scam on Baxov Net

In the "Verification" section there is a mail address, just send a link to it to any scam page. Experts will try as soon as possible to check and add to the database review.

Reviews and comments on Baxov Net

Website visitors actively communicate in comment forms. Here you can ask questions and share your stories. Messages are answered by other users and administration. The victims of fraudsters are helped to solve problems:

Checking sites for fraud and exposing scam on Baxov Net

The project is also supported by placing reviews and personal stories on it. It helps warn newbies. If you have any evidence of fraudulent sites, be sure to share them:

Checking sites for fraud and exposing scam on Baxov Net

It is unlikely that Baxov Net will find absolutely all the sites of attackers, you need to work together on this directory. You will agree that it will not take you much time, and if everyone shares information, it will be easier to deal with the divorce in the network.

We have written a review of Bucks not, because we want to support an interesting project aimed at combating fraudsters. Until we unite and start keeping such a directory, people will fall for the deceivers. But keeping the base is still half the battle; you need to tell about it, to the largest possible audience, which we decided to do.

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