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There are many lovers of freebies on the Internet, but a long search for easy ways to make money leads such users to fraudsters who deftly motivate them to invest their money.

Of course, there are no ways to make big money without doing anything, and all the offers are ordinary divorce.

Another trick was invented by cunning fraudsters, distributing programs for automatically collecting bonuses from different sites. It is not a secret that on some sites they provide incentives, we talked about them in the article Cash bonuses on the Internet, but no program collects them.

Cheat on car scavengers bonuses | Workion. ru

Car collectors of bonuses

Cheating on car pickers of bonuses appeared quite a long time, but now users continue to download these programs and blindly believe that they will be able to collect a huge amount of money .

But if the program does not work, how do fraudsters get the benefit? They use different methods from selling such programs to infecting computers with viruses.

Free auto-pickers of bonuses through which thousands of people have already been deceived (a method of pulling money is indicated in brackets):

  • Bonus (purchase of a registration key);
  • Avtobonus (in order to receive the collected money, you had to send a couple of dollars);
  • Earnings (similar to Avtobonus);
  • Swmzr (either a program fee or an archive with a program is paid) ;
  • G. Bonus (registered users as referrals in various online casinos);
  • E-gold Sender (similarly as in Avtobonus);
  • Hyper Bonus Client (similarly as in Avtobonus);
  • QuickWM (for the program to work, you need to buy a key);
  • Run money ($ 3 for registration).

Cheat on car scavengers bonuses | Workion. ru

All these programs can still be found and downloaded on the Internet, but none of them work. Do not think that you are smarter than others, and thanks to such methods, you will be able to earn good money.

If you are interested in passive work, through special programs, then read about earnings on the video card. The program is also installed there, but it really helps the creators to expand the computing power of the overall system, for which money is paid.

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