Cheat likes and followers VK with V-like

Cheating in social networks are used quite often, and it is not necessary to pay for them.

There are many services in which you can use reciprocity, that is, participate in the wrap and thereby wind up their indicators. Vkontakte is used in RuNet much more often, so we will consider the best system for cheating in this social. network.

Cheating likes and followers of VKontakte with, this is the best way to increase the popularity of your page. All tasks are performed by real users, and the money to pay is not required. If you do not want to participate in other people's cheating, then the lowest prices are offered here.

Cheat likes and followers VK with V-like

How to make likes and Vkontakte subscribers?

You do not need to register in the V-like system, you can log in through your profile. After this, you will observe the performer's panel:

Cheat likes and followers VK with V-like

For joining each of the groups, you are charged 20 kopecks. Also, money can be earned on likes, adding friends and tasks. Among the tasks you will find not only those related to the use of Vkontakte. Here you can offer to register or write comments:

Cheat likes and followers VK with V-like

All the money received can be easily sent to the cheat. In the first screenshot, we selected the button by which you need to click to create your company. After navigating through it, the following page opens:

Cheat likes and followers VK with V-like

In the upper part there are several tabs for ordering a certain type of cheat. For 1000 entries into the group, as you see, 500 rubles are written off. But 1000 likes will cost only 200 rubles.

To add friends, you have to pay 250 rubles for each 1000 applications. To get the audience that you need targeting is provided. You can choose the gender and country for performers.

In order not to waste time on work, you can replenish your balance by any method convenient for you:

Cheat likes and followers VK with V-like

From Yandex. Money and Webmoney transfer money to the account more profitable, so it is better to use these options. And if you do not have electronic money, and you want to make a transfer from a bank card, then use the exchangers.

With the help of the system you can profitably exchange money and get it into a Yandex wallet, and then transfer it to the V-like system:

Cheat likes and followers VK with V-like

In this example, you can see that exchanging money from Sberbank to Yandex. Money, you can get even a large amount. There is no commission for replenishment from Yandex to V-like, so the amount will be more than the amount that will be debited from your card.

Cheating likes and followers on VKontakte takes a little time , and using various tricks you can save money and quickly promote your profile.

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