Cheat in social. networks through Smofast

Promotion in social networks is a type of service that is in great demand. Recently, various services on cheating have started to appear more and more actively, but when using them, it is difficult to receive more than to spend on cheating. For example, receiving 30 kopecks for joining a group, you have to give 45 kopecks, for an invitation, but this is not profitable.

To work less and get more efficiency, you need to use sites on which it is provided for. One of these projects is Smofast. With it, you can make cheat in almost all social networks, starting with Vkontakte and ending with YouTube.

Cheat in social. networks through Smofast

High-quality service for promotion in social. networks

After you register in the system, you can immediately start earning coins (local currency). There are many options for this:

Cheat in social. networks through Smofast

For example, let's use YouTube likes and try to collect a certain amount of coins. Go to the appropriate section and see several suggestions for installing "Like" on YouTube:

Cheat in social. networks through Smofast

Go through the "Like" buttons and put "Like" under the videos. Please note that at least 4 coins pay us for it. A simpler option to get coins is to surf the sites.

To do this, go to the "Surfing sites" section and click the "Start traffic exchange" button. After that, a new browser window opens, in which various sites are automatically viewed:

Cheat in social. networks through Smofast

For each site you receive a certain number of coins, and you don’t have to watch them at all. In just a few minutes of completing tasks, I managed to collect 154 coins, which can now be spent on cheating.

To do this, in the "My Account" menu, select the "Add Task" item:

Cheat in social. networks through Smofast

Specify the type of task (in the example , cheat participants in the group), the name of the group, the cost of one implementation. The total number and the number of executions per day is not necessary to install.

All that remains is to add a task and soon for 154 coins, we will get 38 new members to our group. If you wish, you can set the payment in 2 coins, then for this amount you can wind 76 participants.

If you wish, you can buy coins, you will pay only $ 1 for 1000 coins:

Cheat in social. networks through Smofast

If you buy 1000 coins and put a payment for joining group 2, you can get 500 new members for about 30 rubles. The only time is to wait a very long time until there are users willing to complete the task for this amount.

To understand the interface of this service is not at all difficult, and the benefits of using it are obvious. For promotion in social networks, you must use all available options, and cheat in social. networks through Smofast - it’s profitable, fast and convenient.

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