Cheat comments Vkontakte free online

The social network Vkontakte is used for various purposes, and the majority of our regular readers log in to earn money or promote their sites.

To be credible and attract attention, posts must be actively commented. It can be difficult to get a lot of records from users, but this can be easily fixed.

Cheating comments on Vkontakte is the easiest way to turn any post into an actively discussed post. As practice shows, when winding up comments, people begin to actively leave their opinions. In this article, we will explain how to wind up Vkontakte comments using various services.

Cheat comments Vkontakte free online

How to make Vkontakte comments?

If you need quick comments on Vkontakte and you are ready to spend money on it, use the service Soc-service. Thanks to this system, you can get hundreds of comments in a few minutes, and for each of them you will pay only 50 kopecks.

There are several databases to choose from:

If there is nothing suitable, go to the "My Comments Database" and add any entries. After checking by the moderators, your base will be approved, and it will appear in the list when ordering.


, you can wind up other indicators in the most popular social networks.

It’s impossible to use this system without costs, and if you don’t have the money, read the article further.

Cheat comments Vkontakte for free

There are services where you can perform tasks of other users and then order any cheat for yourself. Free cheat comments Vkontakte available through services such as:

  1. Wmmail - click sponsor with a large number of different tasks. You will be able to register or download any game to get money, and then start this task with this money. You can specify any requirements for performers. It is convenient that you can get a couple of dollars for completing one difficult task, and specify 2-3 cents in the payment of your task (comments on Vkontakte is an easy task).
  2. Seosprint is another mailer where comments are compiled in the same way. After completing several tasks of other participants, you will receive money and run your cheat. As for prices, here you can pay for one performance from 30 kopecks, but it is better to pay a little more, otherwise no one wants to work.
  3. - exchange of mutual PR, with limited opportunities to add comments. After logging in, you will need to make reposts, put likes, join groups, participate in polls and leave comments to get hearts. Then these hearts are spent on cheating comments. The only minus of the exchange is a small selection of ready-made entries:

Using any of the services for free cheat on Vkontakte comments, you will be able to configure filters. For example, indicate the age or gender of performers. On the mailer, you need to specify this in the task, and Olike has a special form.

Cheat comments Vkontakte free online

Program for cheating comments Vkontakte

You can get a huge number of posts under your posts using a special program. Each user of this software adds their accounts and exchanges comments.

In other words, someone will write on your behalf, and you will use their profiles for this:

The number of users of this software is simply huge, so you can easily add any number of comments. Texts will have to write independently, but this is exactly what is needed in most cases. The only time for ViKing Troll will have to pay about 890 rubles.

As you can see, cheating comments Vkontakte available to all and run it is not difficult. It is important not to use the methods described to spread spam.

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