Cheap domains. ru and. rf Saving on domain purchase

Almost all domain name registrars offer webmasters to use their affiliate program and create their own domain sales service.

They set a certain price for the website address, and they decide how much to make a premium to make a profit .

That is why it is now possible to observe a huge difference in the cost of domains. Some sell them for only 100 rubles, while others offer several times higher prices, but they still manage to find customers, as there are many newbies who create websites for various purposes.

Cheap domains. ru and. rf Saving on domain purchase

Savings on the purchase of a domain

So that you have no doubt that different prices have different prices, let's look at the cost domains in the service:

Cheap domains. ru and. rf Saving on domain purchase

As you can see, the names with zones. ru and. The Russian Federation is offered at 590 rubles, but despite the popularity of this registrar, it is better to refuse such offers. Cheap domains. ru and. RF can be bought in other companies at a lower price.

And besides the fact that you pay less, when you extend the domain, you also do not have to overpay.

Where is it better to buy domains?

We have identified two proven services where you can buy domains without overpaying for them:

Probably cheaper than buying a domain on this site is impossible. Without special conditions, you will spend only 99 rubles:

Cheap domains. ru and. rf Saving on domain purchase

And if you buy a "pack" of domains at once, you can save a lot. There are several tariffs for wholesalers, so the more domains you buy, the lower their cost:

Cheap domains. ru and. rf Saving on domain purchase

Domains. ru for 89 rubles, have you ever seen such conditions? But to get such a tariff, you need to buy more than 1000 names. This option is suitable for those who want to create a business online.

By purchasing domains for 89 rubles and selling them at least 98 (cheaper than 2domains), you can earn money and at the same time attract customers with the lowest price.

2. .
Excellent hosting, which is used for Workion. ru (this blog) also offers low prices for domains:

Cheap domains. ru and. rf Saving on domain purchase

Domains in the zone. ru and. Russia is the most expensive here for 1 ruble, but the domains. com,. org net and in other world zones, much cheaper. Also, the table indicates that the renewal for a year is carried out at the same price.

If you decide to open a website and buy a domain, do not rush, but first check where the most favorable conditions are.

Domains on Reg, 2domains and Webhost1 are no different, they are regular addresses in the same zones, but at different prices. There is no point in overpaying, so spend your budget correctly.

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