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For a start, a few words about the quality and at the same time cheap content. At the moment, a group of copywriters works for me and there is a noticeable surplus of human resources. Therefore, so that people do not stand idle in vain, I am ready to give you copyright for almost nothing. If interested, write to the mail profithunter dog mail. ru. The offer is always true!

Well, now about govnokontente at the same prices πŸ™‚

The SEO sector is confidently moving towards increasing the scale of work and automation. Singles, who all (or almost all) do with their hands, every day will find it increasingly difficult to compete with webmasters who use special software, paid services, Hindus in the end.

Actually, I myself have already bought the software and begin to look for people who will do the routine, which I now take 5-6 hours a day. Outsourcing taxis, what can I say ...

And so about outsourcing: many of you already know (and if anyone does not know, I hurry to inform you) that the exchange of links is XAP. ru (TNX. net) is no longer just a link exchange - it turns into a SEO supermarket of its own, where in time it will be possible to order the compilation of a semantic core and anchors, the creation of satellites, writing reviews in blogs. You will be able to get an SEO analysis of the site and conduct a usability test. And so on.

But this is in the future. And now you can use the service on selling ready-made unique content and to auto-fill sites . TNX offer. net compares favorably with those similar to it:

  • Unique content is very cheap - one news item that is up to 1,500 characters, costs only 100 xapes, i.e., from $ 0. 09. This price is achieved due to the fact that the content is produced on an industrial scale by manually breeders.
  • In the presence of more than 250 topics, filled with content, constantly adding new topics.
  • You can subscribe to receive new texts in separate topics using RSS 2. 0. The service will produce more new content on the topics most in demand in subscriptions.
  • Guaranteed uniqueness and readability. Each made text is sold once. In total, each article can be rewritten several hundred times. Each sentence in each text sold is unique. The quality of all content is carefully checked by proofreaders before selling. The system has Moneyback.

For a full list of topics and texts on sale, you can look at a special demo page.

In order for the site to be filled with content automatically, all you have to do is subscribe to the topics of interest and maintain a positive balance of funds in your account.

If you have an interest, and you want to test the service in action right now, register using my referral link, and you will automatically receive 1000 ksaps to your account. For reconnaissance in force should be enough πŸ™‚

p. with. I think it’s not worth worrying about increasing the number of govnosaytov in Runet. There were a lot of them even before the service appeared, but despite this, I somehow see them live only when I clean comments on the blog πŸ™‚

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