ChatCoin coins - prospective tokens from the BeeChat messenger

Even large companies like Kodak tokenize their business, it is obvious that the blockchain technology is really worthy. Not only developers, but also ordinary users can earn money with it. What is needed for this? Time to invest in prospective tokens. There are a lot of options now, but each option needs to be considered separately, assessing its potential.

Cryptocurrency - the overview and perspectives of this token cause interest in a crypto society. Partly because this is a project from former Google employees. They invented their own messenger, but only it will be decentralized and no one will ever be able to penetrate your messages or hack your account.

ChatCoin coins - prospective tokens from the BeeChat messenger

ChatCoin - what's the coin?

This currency was launched for internal operations in the BeeChat chat. It is quickly gaining popularity, because it looks safer against competitors. Many people don’t use mail or social networks to send important data, because mailboxes and accounts are often hacked. It also provides data protection with blockchain technology.

The main idea of ​​launching a project is to create a chat for discussing the topic of cryptocurrency. However, the developers intend to reach a wider scale, they want to turn their project into a full-fledged instant messenger, where people can communicate on various topics. ChatCoin coins are awarded as a reward for activity.

Now they are used only in the BeeChat chat, but again the developers assure that new projects will be created, where coins will also be used. This should cause them increased demand, which guarantees an increase in prices. Tokens can be exchanged for other altcoins or fiat money.

ChatCoin coins - prospective tokens from the BeeChat messenger

What is BeeChat?

Mobile app for iOS and Android since October 2017 has attracted millions of users from all over the world. The messenger has already been translated into 9 languages ​​and several cryptocurrencies have joined it. We all communicate via smartphones, with the new application it is also easy and convenient to exchange data:

The main purpose is to exchange messages, but the functionality is gradually expanding. So far, they really use it more often to discuss cryptocurrency. The application also performs the function of the wallet. With it, you can instantly transfer coins to the account of another user.

The BeeChat developers have attracted real cryptocurrency experts to their messenger. They not only exchange messages, but also communicate in groups or through forums. Some have created their own groups, answer questions and even create their own cryptocurrencies.

ChatCoin coins - prospective tokens from the BeeChat messenger

Why did BeeChat and ChatCoin tokens be created?

Many projects appear due to common problems. Now users have a huge choice between social platforms and instant messengers, but they share the same disadvantages:

  1. Low level of anonymity. These professionals argue that in social. networks it is impossible to achieve complete anonymity. But sometimes you need to exchange messages with complete confidentiality.
  2. Poor protection. How many times have your profiles or accounts of your friends been hacked? This happens constantly, new levels of security are ready to solve this problem.
  3. Centralization. Services are managed by companies, they can make different decisions, even to the detriment of their customers. Moreover, they can transfer the collected information to third parties.

Similar problems exist with payment systems, which is why Bitcoin has become so popular. According to the developers, it is impossible to hack someone on their network. The system is decentralized and offered full anonymity.

ChatCoin coins - prospective tokens from the BeeChat messenger

Features of BeeChat and ChatCoin

Even professionals were not just interested in this project. Its developers came up with something like Bitcoin, only in a new niche. It is possible that the platform will also become popular.

  • an instant messenger was created based on OpenChat, a technology that links wallets and user profiles, and a convenient interface makes it easy to manage the balance;
  • the messenger has all the necessary functions, and their list is gradually growing . There are already video links, voice messages and much more;
  • inside the application, you can change coins to popular altcoins, display ChatCoin or replenish your balance through exchanges or exchangers;
  • users can download their own applications. You will have to pay for this, or their projects should benefit the network;
  • users can create groups for collective communication. You can simultaneously communicate in 20,000 communities;
  • in the ideas of developers, creating a social economy, a kind of ecosystem where the money will be tied to accounts in instant messengers.

If the developers succeed, their project will be the first in a social environment that will combine money with accounts, provide complete anonymity, high protection.Analysts see the potential in such an idea, so capitalization is growing rapidly.

ChatCoin coins - prospective tokens from the BeeChat messenger

Where to buy ChatCoin?

Tokens have already gained immense popularity, transactions with millions of dollars are made every day with CHAT currency. They are not difficult to buy and also easy to sell. Only for this you need a wallet in the mobile application. Among the supporting exchanges there are quite popular sites:

  • ;
  • ;
  • Huobi;
  • OKEx;
  • EXX;
  • ZB;
  • LBank;
  • BigONE.

We recommend conducting transactions through Binans, because CHAT trade volumes are the highest there. Moreover, this exchange ranks first in the world in terms of daily turnover. The only negative is that fiat money is not supported on it, but this problem is easily solved with the help of exchangers and similar sites.

Prospects ChatCoin

Despite the fall in the CHAT coin, it has potential. It is quite possible that the project will become a “classic” in the niche of social networks. It has many advantages, from decentralization to anonymity.

High data transfer rate, the ability to instantly make a money transfer and a wide range of functions. In many ways, this project is better not only for some messengers, but also for mobile e-wallets.

To make the review not one-sided, we also found some disadvantages in the project’s work. The main one is the incomprehensible token distribution system. Nowhere is it indicated who, how much and for what will receive coins.

The second is uncertainty, because the project is still "at the start" and how attractive it will seem to a wide audience, while it is difficult to say.

In terms of investment, ChatCoin coins look attractive. Many people are already looking for an alternative to social networks to solve basic problems. It all depends on the actions of the developers. Against the backdrop of a recession rate, now is the perfect time to buy CHAT. At the moment there are only 8 cents.

ChatCoin coins - prospective tokens from the BeeChat messenger

Other promising cryptocurrencies for investments

The golden rule of the investor "do not put all your eggs in one basket" has not been canceled. As interesting as ChatCoin tokens would not seem to you, the risks of investing in them remain. Therefore, we advise to invest in other cryptocurrencies:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • Nimses.

We have already written reviews for all these coins, so that you can get acquainted with the ideas of their creation, evaluate prospects, learn about some features. But the most important thing is that every project has potential.

In the coming months, ChatCoin should dial in the price, but it is not yet clear what the fate of the token will be. If we evaluate the work of the creators, then there are prospects. Only they can be useless if the world community does not see the real benefits of the new messenger.

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