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Chameleon Sites - Profit Hunter Holidays are over, it's time to get to work. This time I want to present you a translation of an article with BlueHatSeo about chameleon sites. The article was prepared jointly with the Crimean Homeless, who helped me understand some technical issues.


Last time we talked about link-bleaching sites, the main purpose of which is to get back links. Now we will talk about sites that will make money . A good money site is different in that it converts perfectly, attracts a lot of traffic, is regularly indexed by search engines ... and - well, of course - it works on the machine. And this is exactly what chameleon sites do.

What is a chameleon site?

Chameleon site is a site that sells a product or promotes a CPA-offer, attracts visitors through search engines, contains a small, advance prepared text and a huge database. The essence of the site chameleon is that for different search queries, he pulls out from the database different variables.

In America, there is such a childish game called madlib . The child gives a few words: names, proper names, adjectives, etc. - and you make a story out of these words. For example, the child says: Sally (name) and a stone (noun), and you have a template prepared for these words that looks something like this: * girlsname (girl's name) * jumped over a big * noun (noun) * . You substitute words and get: “Sally jumped over a big stone.” In the SEO world, this game is better known as “content rewriting.” However, rewriting is not exactly what chameleon sites are based on.

The task of chameleon sites is to sell a product or offer to a visitor, which will be perfectly tailored to a search query. Considering the fact that chameleon sites operate on the machine, they are able to snatch a good chunk of the market.

So let's get started.

1. First of all, we need to choose a wide niche. For example, take dating sites. Dating sites offer good CPA offers, which in turn are well converted if the webmaster manages to slip them to the target audience - surfers who feel lonely.

2. Now we have to decide on the offers. I will not write how to choose an offer, because this topic has been revealed many times in other blogs. For example, take the first available sentences. Let this be the affiliate link from Singlesnet and a couple of banners from FriendFinder.

3. Now we need to find a good database. Such databases are sold on open forums like Sitepoint. For this example, I will take a large regional base, which will include information on cities, zip-codes, counties, population, local restaurants, gas stations, schools, etc.

4. Now we have to create a site, the main page of which will be sharpened for the most popular key phrase in the niche. On this page we will post a small description of the site and tell you how to find a couple in any of the cities of the country. Then we will attach a catalog of states to the main page. On the inner pages of the states we put links to individual cities and counties All this is desirable to do, using CNC (mod_rewrite), and sort the database from the database by state, country, county for each city separately.

5. It's time to create a site chameleon. Write a text on the topic of dating in the city * cityname *, using at least gag. The trick here is to make the text truly selling and at the same time cram into it so many variables from the database so that search engines don't regard it as duplicate content. Here is an example of such a text (I quote it in the original):

- top of the page -

You look lonely. There are no fella lonely people. I realize it tough to meet people in the county-city * but I have found a dating site-site *. I met an awesome * guysname * that worked at * gasstation *. He’s not a great company. Since then I have been dating dating sites like * datingsitelink *. Here's the girlfriend who is still living in the city. All three were local high school *.

Chameleon Sites - Profit Hunter

The best advice I can give to you. I'd recommend you check out * restaurant1 * or possibly * restaurant2 *.

- end of page -

And that's all! After all, the truth is it is not difficult at all? Just do not forget that you must find the perfect balance between text content and variables from databases, so that search engines do not punish pages for duplicate content, and the text looks attractive enough to stimulate sales.To keep the text from looking lonely, hang a couple of banners and ad units on the page. Just look, do not overdo it.

6. Now we need to write a script that will pull out the variable values ​​for each individual city and district from the database. If you don't understand anything in the code, you can ask someone to do it for you. (Or read on the website PHPClub. Ru how to do it yourself.)

That's it. The machine for making money on 40,000 pages is ready. Now you need to connect the bleaching of links to pump the target pages with reference weight and raise them in the issue. From this point on, all you have to do is increase the number of backlinks to the chameleon site.

There is no shortage of niches, offers and databases, but I advise you to take regional bases as a basis, because they cover a huge territory and at the same time attract targeted traffic. As the reference weight grows, the traffic volumes will also grow. The combination of a large niche and a large target database can be a gold mine for you.


Here are a couple of places where you can find databases:

  • PopularData;
  • ContentForSale.

Optimization of sites in Kiev.

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