Casino scammers how not to get on such sites?

Gambling is a tempting niche on the Internet, as many people like to make bets at roulette, spin reels in slots or open cards in blackjack.

The owners of virtual casinos get a lot of money from their projects, but there are also those who profit from honest ways.

No casino has an official license to provide services to Russian citizens. Therefore, you can not trust anyone. Everyone may be scammers, and if you decide to use their sites, blame yourself.

How to recognize fraudulent online casinos? There is a lot of information on quality casinos on the Internet, but many materials are created with the purpose of cheating.

Even different TOPs and ratings are filled with not honest sites. This is done with one goal - to attract ordinary players and appropriate their deposits.

Casino scammers how not to get on such sites?

There are several criteria by which you can evaluate various services. Testing needs to be carried out on each resource, since they may seem different from the outside, but “inside” is an ordinary “dummy”, where everything is set up so that no one can win.

You cannot start depositing money and playing on it until you have become convinced that the site is honest and proven. Everyone will be able to carry out an inspection, these are the main factors:

  1. Reviews. First of all, you need to look at the reviews, it is not difficult to find them, Google and Yandex have all the necessary information. When studying reviews, pay attention to the profiles from which they are written. It is possible that they were created to cheat reviews.
  2. Own rating. By visiting the site, make your own assessment of its quality. If you see not a high-quality design, not working buttons and other shortcomings, it is better to leave the resource. Casino owners get a lot of money, so their projects should be almost perfect.
  3. Learning the rules. Find the section with the rules and read them carefully. It is not rare to find in the information various tricks that surface in the future. For example, you may be limited to payments or even refused to withdraw funds for various reasons.
  4. Licenses and documents. High-quality online casinos operate legally and possess the necessary licenses. They are always added to the site so that everyone can read them. The more different documents, the better.
  5. Addresses and contacts. When visiting the contacts section, you should see real addresses and several communication channels with technical support. If there is only Email or there is a feedback form, then the casino owner is hiding, and honest companies do not need it.
  6. Support Service. In continuation of the preceding paragraph, the support service should be evaluated. Even if there is a different contact information, not the fact that it is real. Check the address via the Internet, and also try to ask simple questions in those. support
  7. Evaluation of proposals. You need to be realistic and understand that no one will offer you a bonus of $ 1000, which can be withdrawn immediately after registration. Correctly evaluate casino bonuses and learn the details of all promotions.

You need to be careful not to become a victim of fraudsters. There are many of them on the Internet, and the casino is a favorite niche for cheaters.

Are there honest casinos?

It is possible that there are honest companies outside of the Russian Federation that offer gambling, but all of their sites are on the roster. If you are trying to circumvent this prohibition, also violate the law. Therefore, there are no options to have fun in roulette and similar games within Russia. But there are excellent alternatives.

First, bookmakers work, officially authorized by our compatriots. So that the betting industry has not disappeared, some companies are still allowed to accept bets. They received the necessary licenses and their activities are carefully monitored.

Besides the fact that they work honestly, operations are carried out through the regulatory company TsUPIS, so you can not worry about the payments, you get 100%.

Second, state lotteries are available to Russians. Their broadcasts are sometimes shown on television. Why is it not banned? Because a part of the collected funds goes to state budgets.

Ordinary people win solid money in Gosloto, draws are held constantly:

Casino scammers how not to get on such sites?

Tickets are sold through the official website. It offers a large selection of lotteries. Almost all of them are organized by Min. Sport of the Russian Federation. You can buy tickets for electronic money, from the balance of your phone, credit card and other ways.

Apartments, cash prizes, vehicles and much more are played:

Casino scammers how not to get on such sites?

On average, a ticket costs 100 rubles and it is no different from a real lottery ticket. Big winnings are paid in offices, small ones are transferred to the same details from which tickets were paid.

There is no need to follow the broadcasts, at any time you can check your ticket on the website:

Casino scammers how not to get on such sites?

It is no less interesting to participate in lotteries, and the winnings are impressive there. For example, in Gosloto 6 out of 45 now the jackpot is 176 million rubles. Just imagine that this money will be in your pocket. Why not try your luck and buy a couple of tickets.

Do not try to find honest casinos on the Internet. Even if some of them still open in browsers, very soon they will get into the registry.

Then you will not only lose the fun, but you can hardly withdraw your money. We repeat that gambling is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation, so choose BC or use lotteries.

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