Casino for rubles. Where to play gambling for rubles?

Runet users often search online for gambling for rubles, preferring not to mess with foreign currencies.

Most online casinos work with dollars and euros, which is not surprising, because they are created abroad, and in Russia it has long been forbidden to create sites with gambling.

But casinos for rubles exist, let them not so much. In general, you need to choose a gaming service not using the currency used, as it is easy to exchange money. If you basically want to play only for rubles, then use the casino, which we will discuss in this article.

1. Admiral. This is one of the most popular casinos, where users balance is in rubles.

Casino for rubles. Where to play gambling for rubles?

Roulette, slot machines, card games known to everyone and many other games will not make you bored. And this project stands out among its peers in that it has a well-thought out rating system and you can get points, which are then exchanged for real money.

2. Igrun. This is not exactly a casino, but an excellent resource with gambling, where each user has 3 separate accounts - with rubles, dollars and hryvnia.

Casino for rubles. Where to play gambling for rubles?

Which of them you decide for yourself, you can also make bets in any currency. Igrun games are unusual, there is no roulette and blackjack, but there is a slot 777, dominoes, card fool and much more.

3. GMSlots. For lovers of slot machines this casino is more suitable.

Casino for rubles. Where to play gambling for rubles?

Here you will find a huge number of different slots on which the jackpot is set, which means you can win big money. The balance is in rubles, and in addition to "one-armed bandits," you can play roulette.

To choose the best gaming resource for yourself, be sure to visit all these sites and try to use them . On Admiral and GMSlots there are free modes for the game, and on Igrun a bonus for registration is given. Therefore, even without investing your money, you can start playing gambling.

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