Casino bonus hunters

In order to attract attention, all casino owners launch promotions and distribute bonuses to customers.

Previously, they were issued to the main account, you could enjoy the game and even withdraw funds with minimal effort, but With the advent of bonushunters, everything changed, the casino owners realized what losses they incur because of this.

How do casinos fight bonus takers? They greatly overestimate the requirements for receiving bonuses, and in some cases so much so that it is impossible to withdraw the amount received at all.

Maybe bonuses are tricks at all? No doubt, dishonest casinos use this for their own purposes, but some bonuses really help to increase the bankroll.

Casino bonus hunters

We already told who the bonus hunters are and explained what tricks they use. It is unlikely that there are still gaming sites, which would not be distributed bonuses, but they are attractive only at first glance. Here are some illustrative examples:

  1. The casino has a “Class Bonus”, which is 40% of the ninth (and subsequent) deposits. Apart from the fact that in order to receive it, you will have to make a lot of deposits, you will have to wager the amount 40 times, which is quite difficult.
  2. In the casino they give a 100% bonus to the first deposit, but in order for the funds to be credited to the real account, they will have to be wagered 25 times, and also have time to do it in 30 days.
  3. The casino offers a no deposit bonus, many newcomers are being led to it. However, this is only a name, as they give money for registration, and they can only be withdrawn after replenishment of the account and wagering.

Similar examples can be led to infinity, absolutely in all casinos one has to see catchy headlines, but somewhere nearby there is a button to go to the details:

Casino bonus hunters

No one is deceiving, the details are written down (or in small print), but few read them, considering that they are lucky.

What restrictions are placed on bonuses?

Now becoming a bonus hunter is not as beneficial as it used to be. Nevertheless, there are bonuses and they can be used. Casino owners use different methods of protection against hunters for bonuses:

  • set wagers x1 - x100;
  • require mandatory deposits;
  • overstate the amount of the minimum deposit;
  • raise the minimum amount of withdrawal;
  • limit bet sizes;
  • do not issue bonuses in some countries;
  • simply block catchers of freebies.

The fight against bonus tenants will probably never end, because as long as there are bonuses, there will be those who try to cash in on them.

Become a bonus-hunter or not, decide for yourself , but remember that this is not as profitable as it seems at first glance.

Even if you get some bonuses, you can play, have fun, but no one will bring them, therefore, they are more interesting for gamblers than for those who are trying to earn them.

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