Cashtaller exchange mailer for earnings (scam)

Easy money in the network that does not require investments and a high level of knowledge is not a myth.

Today, everyone who wants to work remotely at any time. There are always free places? The fact is that there are services where the execution of various actions is ordered, and everyone can take on them.

The Cashtaller mailer exchanger managed to establish itself on the positive side.

When you go to the site, people observe the usual form for exchanging money, but if you register on this site, you can consistently make money on tasks or referrals. There are also surfing sites, but it is not profitable enough.

Cashtaller exchange mailer for earnings (scam)


Online earnings with Cashtaller

Registration in the system is normal, and when you log into your profile, a menu with all the ways of making money on this site will appear on the right:

Cashtaller exchange mailer for earnings (scam)

All options are interesting and profitable in their own way. For example, you can use surfing and make a profit for visiting sites. And you can go to the chat, where they pay from 0. 001 to 0. 75 for a message with more than 30 characters .

Clicks and questions also imply transitions to sites with minimal activity, and most of all you can earn on tasks:

Cashtaller exchange mailer for earnings (scam)

The system always has available tasks for performers with various payment. They are easy to perform, open any task and carefully read the requirements:

Cashtaller exchange mailer for earnings (scam)

Under the description are the necessary buttons to get started or send a report for verification. Performing dozens of tasks per day, you can earn 200-300 rubles.

Cashtaller status system

Much depends on this mailer depending on what rating the user has. The status affects the time between payments, the maximum withdrawal amount, payment for messages in the chat and deductions from referrals:

Cashtaller exchange mailer for earnings (scam)

There are 4 levels of referrals here, you cannot receive from the last 4> more than 1% . And if you reach the last status (rating over 10 000), you can get 60% of the earnings 1 level referrals on surfing and letters.

There are all the necessary tools for working with Cashtaller referrals - quality banners and links, referral bonuses, an "alarm clock" function and the ability to launch contests.

You can withdraw money earned from this clicker sponsor to Webmoney (you need to be linked to a profile), and the minimum threshold is only 5 rubles.

Was it interesting to work with tasks on mailers? Then be sure to register with other click-based sponsors - Wmmail and Seosprint. The more systems you use, the more tasks you will have, and from them you will be able to choose the most profitable offers.

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