Cash bonuses on the Internet, where is the Internet freebie?

Practically in every material on our blog, compiled for beginners, we remind you that there is no freebie on the Internet and no one will give you money.

In fact, this is not quite an exact expression, because there are a lot of projects that give bonuses, albeit not significant, but do nothing for them.

In most cases, cash bonuses on the Internet are offered on gaming sites. Thanks to these bonuses, you can not only increase your deposit, but also generally start playing for real money without your own deposits.

In this article we will present you the most popular projects where you can pick up cash bonuses.

Cash bonuses on the Internet, where is the Internet freebie?

Where is the freebie on the Internet?

It's hard to believe, but there are many ways on the Internet to get something for free. We have already written about this separate article - freebie on the Internet. It also ranks the simplest work in the network. Some people get free things, caps, t-shirts, key rings and more.

Forget about bonuses online casino, all gambling in Russia is prohibited. Even if you manage to find some kind of gaming site, forget about security. Your money can evaporate at any time and no one will be responsible for it. Bonuses in the casino lure people, then you still won nothing.

The network has different bonuses. Some are transferred directly to virtual wallets, some are provided in the form of start-up capital for further earnings. All this should be used, the main thing is that they do not need to contribute their own money, therefore there are no risks.

Earnings on bonuses on the Internet

On many sites, small bonuses are distributed, which are transferred directly to the e-wallet. Because of this, a new direction of earnings appeared - the collection of bonuses. It’s easy to collect money, you open a website, enter a purse number and funds are instantly credited:

Cash bonuses on the Internet, where is the Internet freebie?

Now bonuses are distributed on these sites :

  1. - once a day up to 12 kopecks per WMR.
  2. - the same conditions, only comes exactly 10 kopecks.
  3. - from 10 kopecks paid bonus once every 10 days.
  4. - 1 time per day from 1 to 10 WMR.
  5. - on Webmoney bonus from 1 to 10 kopecks.
  6. - a game with a conclusion, bonus up to 0. 1 rub.
  7. - a bonus of 10-20 kopecks, once a day they give a bonus of 10 WMR.
  8. - WebMoney users receive up to 15 kopecks.
  9. - 0. 01 to 0. 25 rubles to Yandex. Money.
  10. - from 1 to 20 kopecks per WMR with a bot check.
  11. - 100 bonuses of 5 kopecks are distributed every day.
  12. - once a day, up to 25 kopecks per WMR with captcha.
  13. - 2 kopecks per WebMoney with a BL above 3x.
  14. - guests up to 10, and registered users up to 30 kopecks. on WMR.
  15. - bonus to the WMU wallet (0. 05).
  16. - 5 kopecks bonus with captcha.
  17. - 3 bonuses are waiting at the bottom of the page (WMR).
  18. - from 1 to 6 kop. on WebMoney.
  19. - click on the Webmoney icon (aurov) and get up to 9 kopecks.
  20. - only WMR, BL must be higher than 3x, to 0. 1 rub.
  21. - charge 5 kopecks, check for robots.
  22. - up to 55 kopecks are distributed to WebMoney users.
  23. - up to 20 kopecks in the presence of a formal certificate.
  24. - the minimum bonus is 6 kopecks, it rises after authorization.
  25. - 1-3 kopecks once a day on Webmoney.
  26. - 3 kopecks are credited to the WMR once a day.
  27. - from 2 to 15 kopecks per day on WebMoney.
  28. - 2 kopecks Webmoney once every 24 hours.
  29. - 0. 02 p. bonus on WebMoney or Yandex. Money.

As you can see, scanty sums are distributed, no one wants to throw money down the drain. Why would anyone give bonuses at all? It's simple, it helps to attract the attention of users. So we link to all these sites, they get from this additional advertising.

Bitcoin online bonuses

Crypto money is now gaining popularity quickly, namely Bitcoin has already managed to make some people millionaires. The rate of this currency is changing rapidly, now it continues to grow. and start collecting bonuses. Usually they are awarded in Satoshi (1 satoshi = 0. 00000001 Bitcoin):

  1. - bonuses of up to 10,000 satoshi are issued every hour. You need to specify the address BTC and enter the captcha. First, the amount is accumulated on the domestic account on Sundays transferred to wallets (minimum salary 30,000 Satoshi).
  2. - 18-49 satosh is issued, every 20 minutes. Instant translations, additional incentives. The minimum amount to withdraw 20 thousand Satoshi.
  3. - bonuses every 5 minutes from 250 to 25 thousand Satoshi. Pay attention to loyalty bonuses, they are more beneficial.
  4. - from 50 to 5000 satosh can be obtained as a bonus every 15 minutes. You only need to enter the address of the wallet, press one button and enter the captcha.
  5. - the bonus amount varies from 57 to 2020 Satoshi. They are issued around the clock, every 5 minutes.
  6. is a foreign site, ready to distribute to users from 66 satoshi every 5 minutes (maximum bonus is 1595 satoshi).
  7. - go every hour and get up to 1000 Satoshi by entering a captcha. Payments once a week, you need to accumulate at least 2500 Satoshi.

Crypto money is obtained in other ways. Now the Bitcoin rate has passed for $ 1000, interest in the coins has risen. If you decide to save this currency, use the best earnings of Bitcoins with BTCclicks. This is the easiest way suitable for beginners.

Payeer bonuses on the Internet

Despite the fact that the leaders among the Russian payment systems have long been defined, the Payeer payment has reached the TOP. It appeared much later than its competitors, but many services are already offering to receive bonuses for wallets. You can collect free bonuses on Payeer on these resources:

  1. - draws every 30 minutes, participants randomly receive numbers that determine the size of the bonus (from 3 kopecks to 50 rubles).
  2. - every hour bonuses are distributed from 3 kopecks to 2 rubles. Minimal payout for 1 ruble, automatic payments.
  3. - you need to register on the site, and then participate in the roulette on the main page, indicating your Payeer wallet (an unusual bonus format).
  4. - once in half an hour it gives out up to 30 rubles a bonus (min. 0. 3 p.). To withdraw, you need to dial 3 rubles.
  5. - the numbers are also given to users, they determine the size of the bonus (from 5 kopeks to 20,000 rubles).
  6. - from 1 to 500 kopecks guaranteed bonus, issued every 20 minutes. Conclusion from 1 ruble.
  7. - gives a bonus once per hour, the amount is from 5 to 50 kopecks. You can win the jackpot, autopayment works when you dial 5 rubles.

As you can see, this wallet can be easily replenished. In some systems, you have to wait for the payment and collect bonuses for a long time, but this does not compare with the work, everything is much easier. Such bonuses, though small, are collected in huge quantities.

Online bonus online from bookmakers

Sports fans can not miss this opportunity. They have a chance to get a good amount to start betting without any investments at all. On the Russian Internet with bookmakers trouble, almost all of them are in the registries, there are only 4 official companies.

First BC, freebet is offered - this. The company has many real points of acceptance rates throughout Russia, they work under a special license. They accept bets not only on sports (politics, show business). New customers receive a free bet of 500 rubles and, if it plays, the profit will be available to the conclusion:

Cash bonuses on the Internet, where is the Internet freebie?

The second bookmaker's is. Here the bonus is even greater, and you need to immediately put the entire amount on 3 different events (open the express). The bonus must be used in the first 7 days from the moment it is received. The site has a large selection of sporting events, there are a number of other bonuses for customers:

Cash bonuses on the Internet, where is the Internet freebie?

Now it is difficult to find a quality BC, and here they also provide bonuses. Even if you do not understand the sport, take advantage of this, because the won money can then be displayed on a card or electronic wallet.

Bonuses on the Internet from games with the withdrawal of money

Such projects literally seized the Internet. Beginners like to play and get real money for it. A different business is built in games, ore is mined, eggs are collected, cities are built. They need to be invested in, but there are projects where a bonus on the Internet for registration is provided to all beginners:

  1. - 1000 silver each is given to players so that they can buy the first bird and start earning on collecting eggs.
  2. - also give a small amount, it is enough to hire a gnome, who immediately begins to mine.
  3. - new players get 100 rubles each and buy bushes without investments, leaves come with them, which can be sold.
  4. - after registering in the game, the balance already has money to buy 2 hens. There are other bonuses, start playing without attachments.
  5. - register and get some money, you can buy two birds for them and immediately earn money by selling eggs.
  6. - the medieval cities are built in the game, the graphics are beautiful, and for registration they give beginners 50 rubles each.
  7. is another game about birds and eggs. For registration, a bonus of 1000 silver is set here (enough for the first feathered bird).

Many users do not trust such projects. They consider the game scam, but if you do not need deposits, then why not try. At least, you will not lose anything, although I myself make money on games and deduce a decent amount.

The game

brings me most of the money, it does not distribute bonuses, but you can start from scratch using site surfing.

Collect or earn bonuses on the Internet to you exactly under force.There is nothing difficult in this, and if you use all the sites presented, you will definitely be satisfied with the income. Just remember, this is not work on the Internet, it is better to collect bonuses for part-time work.

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