Can I make money on someone else's videos on YouTube?

What is the way to make money to get decent money? Every experienced moneymaker will say that you need to run some kind of platform.

This may not only be a website, YouTube channels are also a great option. Popular video bloggers make good money, and some do not even record videos.

Earnings on other people's YouTube videos are not prohibited, and if you constantly go to this video hosting service, you should have noticed that the same videos often repeat.

How is this possible, because it is forbidden? Many do not know that some videos on YouTube are distributed with a license allowing their use.

Can I make money on someone else's videos on YouTube?

Can I make money on other people's videos?

Of course, you can find videos on other sites and upload them to your channel. Even Vkontakte has videos that are not on YouTube, therefore, they will be unique there.

Some authors may file complaints, so the option is risky. Therefore, it is better to immediately think about security and work correctly.

The license to allow other people's videos on YouTube is called Creative Commons. Without using third-party programs and websites, you can select different videos directly in the editor of this video hosting service and make your own video of them.

The names of the used videos will be displayed on the page under the player, where your video is located and other channel owners may use your video.

Not all clips fall under the license. The authors themselves mark them as Creative Commons, but the feature is available only to owners of high-quality channels (at the discretion of YouTube).

How to upload someone else's video to YouTube?

Right now you can make some sort of video clips and set your own audio accompaniment to them. To do this, go to the editor:

Can I make money on someone else's videos on YouTube?

The player is displayed in the editor, and there is a form to the right of it, where you need to select the transition to the Creative Commons license clips.

Ensure that the videos are not accompanied by the words CC Non-commercial. Their use is prohibited and the channel can immediately cover.

This will open a string into which the search keyword is entered:

Can I make money on someone else's videos on YouTube?

Several clips instantly appear below the line, you can use them to create your own video. Just drag them to the tape under the player:

Can I make money on someone else's videos on YouTube?

In the image you can see that the bottom line remains where the audio file is added. This can be a musical composition or a specially recorded voice.

The so-called "gray" channels are filled with copied videos and, despite the prohibitions of YouTube, continue to exist.

In general, the policy of this video hosting is sometimes surprising, since non-quality channels work without restrictions, and quality channels are often blocked even by a competitor's complaint.

In this article we showed you how to use other people's videos, but it will be much better if you also edit the video in the editor. The unique content is good for its position.

What exactly can be done?

  • set watermarks;
  • resize;
  • add different effects;
  • trim video;
  • overlay your audio.

A great option for making money on someone else's YouTube videos is to use foreign videos . Translate them and upload to your channel. In order not to have problems, agree with the author in advance.

With the right approach, you will be able to launch an interesting platform. How to make money on the YouTube channel, we have already told, all the ways are suitable for monetization.

Of course, uploading your videos is much more profitable and safer, but not everyone can constantly create video content, so making money on other people's videos is also relevant.

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