Buying and selling stock codes on Wmmail

The marketing strategies of many different companies often involve launching various promotions and raffles.

Surely you had to buy real goods that had all kinds of codes. Such actions are often held, and there are many people who actively participate in them.

Are you one of these people or do you have a lot of codes? Then buying and selling stock codes on Wmmail should interest you.

Deals on the sale and purchase of promotional codes for various goods are often offered through this click sponsor. This is a great opportunity not only to increase the chances of winning in the action, but also to earn some extra money.

Earnings on codes from different products

Many people do not even realize that such a product as codes from real products can be sold on the Internet.

On Wmmail, a special task section was created for this:

Buying and selling stock codes on Wmmail

It is easy to perform such tasks, the most important thing is to collect as many codes as possible . Probably, here you can find offers for the sale of codes from all popular promotions. Only now advertisers are ready to pay for codes from shares of such companies as Kinder, Prostokvashino, Baltika, Rastishka, Cheetos, and so on.

To send a code, go to one of the tasks, click on the button to start execution, and then to the second, to check. After that, a report form will open where you can specify a code (if 1 code is written in the task, then send 1 code):

Buying and selling stock codes on Wmmail

If you have several codes, perform the task several times . In our example, 11 cents are paid for one code, that is, to earn a dollar, you need to send 9-10 codes. If you often buy a product specified in the task, it will be just a nice bonus for you.

Where to buy codes from products?

As you may have guessed, you need to run your own task. It’s easy to do, just go to the advertiser's tab in your profile and go to the section with paid tasks:

Buying and selling stock codes on Wmmail

After that you need to fill out the form with the task, so that the performers can easily understand that They require:

Buying and selling stock codes on Wmmail

In the URL box you can specify a link to any site (for example, your Vkontakte page). The type of task is necessarily "Codes".

Put an instant replay so that those who have many codes can immediately perform the task several times. Manual checking mechanism - so that you first check the code, and then decide whether to pay for it or not (they will not be able to fool you).

In the second step of launching the task for purchasing stock codes, you only need to specify the amount of remuneration:

Buying and selling stock codes on Wmmail

There are other parameters, but it is better not to touch them. As for payment, here you will need to establish the most favorable conditions. Go to the section with the tasks and see how much the maximum pay for the codes that you need. If you want to "lure" performers, offer them a higher payment.

When the task is launched, you will receive codes, you will check them and then pay or refuse the performers. Now you know where to buy codes from the shares of any company and will be able to win valuable prizes more often.

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