Buying a site, where to buy a site?

Buying a site can be an excellent type of investment, if you have a sufficient level of knowledge, as well as select the appropriate service to make a purchase. So that you have the motivation, we immediately note that buying a site can be a waste of money.

This material will discuss the most important points that need to be taken into account when buying a site.

Buying a site, where to buy a site?

Where to buy the site?

The most popular site exchange is. On this resource, anyone can put your website for sale. And without that a huge database of sites for sale is constantly updated, so you can find a suitable site at the best price.

In addition to this resource, you can use for purchase:

  • - pr-cy. ru;
  • - prodaysite. ru.

You can also use thematic forums to search for various sites. Not infrequently, they place offers with the sale of an Internet resource. If you take advantage of this offer, then do not forget about security and conduct transactions through the guarantors.

Buying a site, where to buy a site?

What should I look for when buying a site?

Now let's consider the most important indicators of the site that need to be considered when evaluating one of options:

1. The age of the site.
The age of the site is one of the most important indicators that is involved in the ranking of the site. To determine the age of the site is not difficult, it must be indicated in the description. It can also be checked on specialized resources, such as pr-cy. ru. The best option would be sites that are more than a year, since they have already left the sandbox and certain conclusions can be drawn about their activities.

2. Number of pages.
Naturally, the more pages on the site, the better. But do not forget that for filling sites, some webmasters do not use unique content. To make sure that the content is normal, check the number of pages of the site that is in the index and compare it with the actual number of pages. If the index is much smaller pages, it is better to abandon the purchase.

3. Check TIC, attendance, the number of external links.
Thanks to software products like the RDS Bar for FireFox, you can check the history of changes in the TIC and PR site. Incoming links can be checked through the service solomono. ru. To check attendance, simply use the counters, for example from Liveinternet.

4. Site optimization.
If the site is absolutely not optimized, you will need to recycle almost every page. Be sure to pay attention to the optimization, as well as ask the webmaster, which semantic kernel he used. Keywords that have promoted your resource can be very helpful.

5. Evaluation of prospects.
To make a correct assessment of the prospects, it is enough just to calculate the specified profit of the site and compare it with the price. The optimal cost is the price that can be achieved in a year of monetization of the site. It is possible that the payback period will be somewhat stretched, in which case it is necessary to assess the quality of the site and assess the likelihood of development.

When buying a site, be sure to use safe methods of transferring the site and funds. On the stock exchanges of sites provides functionality for secure transactions, but if you agree "directly", you must act carefully.

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