Buy articles or links, which is better?

Effective website promotion - every webmaster dreams of it, but not everyone knows how to promote resources.

Many different ways have already been invented for this, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Nevertheless, of all the known options, it is necessary to allocate the best in order not to waste their money.

Buy articles or links, which is better? Frequent topic for discussion on the forums. Content management in many ways surpasses building up the link mass.

Why it is more profitable to fill the site than to buy links to it, we will explain in this article. There are several good reasons for choosing to fill the project.

Buy articles or links, which is better?

Why is buying articles better than building links?

  1. Content quality is easier to determine. Before you spend your money on promotion, you need to evaluate all purchased objects, whether links or articles. It is much easier to evaluate texts, therefore, their checking takes several times less time. As for references, it takes much longer to check the quality of donors.
  2. Filling the site is natural. Search engines are not advised to use website promotion methods that imitate natural processes. What does buying links mean? This is an imitation of the fact that the site is interesting and other webmasters often tell about it. All purchased links will not look natural, which cannot be said about filling the site with articles.
  3. Cheap freelance services. It’s simply impossible to carry out all the actions to develop your project, so webmasters often attract remote workers. If we compare prices, the services of copywriters (rewriters) are significantly lower than the services of optimizers. Consequently, it is possible to save money and put the promotion of the site practically on the machine.
  4. Various problems in the process of promotion. When promoting a site, various problems may arise, starting with the resource being hit by filters, ending with breaking the relationship with one of the team members. If the link builder leaves you, you have to spend a lot of effort to find a new one, and it will take time to figure it all out. Moreover, buying links can not be sure of a particular result. It is much easier to find and replace copywriters, and the result of filling the site is known in advance.
  5. Search engines may ignore links. Time goes on and the information is increasingly appearing on the network that the search engines will soon cancel the influence of the reference mass. Of course, they cannot completely abandon this parameter, but the risks remain. And if you fill the project with information, then you are not afraid of any sanctions, even, on the contrary, when they appear, competitors with a large reference mass will give up their positions.
  6. Filling the site is much more interesting. It’s probably possible to find people who like to view Excel files with a huge amount of different data and calculate the influence of each anchor, but those who like to write interesting publications are much more. Composing materials for filling a resource is much more interesting than evaluating donors and calculating the weight of the reference mass.

Buy articles or links, which is better?

Many will disagree that filling the site is better than increasing the link mass and in part they will also be right.

Why? Links are also needed for the development of the project , so it is best to combine both methods and in parallel with filling the site, buy links. But the main emphasis is still better to do on filling the resource, it is safer.

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