Business on the sale of electronic cigarettes

A healthy lifestyle is actively promoted in our country. The price of cigarettes soared, the fight against tobacco continues.

Against this background, electronic cigarettes appeared. Their sales are now active as ever. People are willing to pay money to get rid of the habit.

Earnings on the sale of electronic cigarettes brings good money, both to sellers and manufacturers, and speculators. In such cigarettes (and now hookahs) there is no nekatin, the technology is practically harmless, instead of smoke there is steam. Therefore, it is possible to smoke even indoors.

Business on the sale of electronic cigarettes

Where can I get electronic cigarettes for sale?

By choosing a product for which there is an increased demand, you provide yourself a confident future. To sell electronic cigarettes, do not need to engage in their production.

Moreover, you do not have to enter into real contracts and look for suppliers, everything is much simpler. It is enough to register in the affiliate program.

If you want to sell electronic cigarettes in real life, take the assortment from the partners website and print the catalog.

The supplier of the goods must be verified and stable. There are many shops selling electronic cigarettes in Russia, one of them is. They have opened a lot of points (in 246 cities of Russia). The order is made through the site, then the goods are delivered to the buyer's region:

Business on the sale of electronic cigarettes

The site has an affiliate program. Register and attract buyers to the site. Each sale is charged 5%.

For example, they sold goods for 10,000 rubles, received 500 rubles. Everything is extremely simple, but other affiliate programs work on this principle. For example, it pays 8. 5% to its partners. This is a Chinese online store, where delivery to Russia is also available.

The assortment is wide:

Business on the sale of electronic cigarettes

The main advantage of this type of earnings on electronic cigarettes is full autonomy. You only need to attract a person to the online store, then the company is already engaged in the client. Conditions are favorable, and if you collect orders in real life, you can make a large margin and get even more profit .

How to find buyers of electronic cigarettes?

At first, it may seem that finding smokers on the Internet is easy. In fact, it is hard. In order to attract a large audience and achieve good profits, it is better to create and promote your site.

This can be a blog, a YouTube channel or just a group on social networks (the last option is the most popular):

Business on the sale of electronic cigarettes

Be sure to read the article on how to sell goods vkontakte. Just create a site is not enough, you need to somehow attract users to it.

You do not want to be engaged in promotion for a long time and are you ready to invest? Then contact the community administrators with an offer to place an advertisement. You can also use special services where people add their sites to search for advertisers.

The most popular of them, there is a huge choice:

Business on the sale of electronic cigarettes

Yes, you have to spend money, but look at it from the other side. There is no need to create a group, unwind it for a long time, waste time and so on. Just try to create effective promotional materials, otherwise few people can be interested.

If you decide to order an advertisement, try

. They give 50 rubles to all advertisers for the test, advertising is placed on different sites.

To find the best advertising sites and come up with effective promotions, determine the target audience. Who is interested in buying electronic cigarettes, who suffer from attempts to quit smoking, who is it fashionable? Having identified a group of people, you can conduct powerful advertising campaigns.

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