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Brush - website creation combine - Profit Hunter The other day I received a copy of the BRush script created by Arser from Arser in exchange for an announcement and an overview of the possibilities and potential of this very script. Since I can’t say anything about the potential (I just started testing), I dedicate this post to what the script can do (and maybe it can really do a lot).

Immediately a small disclaimer : this post can be regarded as an advertisement for the product, but just as much as my old notes about Blog Finder, Wordze, Wordflood and other useful, but still paid, ads can be considered products and services. For me personally, this script really is of considerable value, because, firstly, it greatly simplifies the work on creating the site and, secondly, it allows you to work with eBay affiliate, which I had my eye on for a long time.

Now, what this script is so good about.

First of all, BRush allows in automatic mode to fill the site with 7 kinds of content. These are:

  1. Articles by keywords.
  2. RSS feeds.
  3. Video from YouTube.
  4. Photos from Flickr.
  5. AdWords advertisements.
  6. Google News.
  7. eBay auctions.

You can see the site built with this script here.

BRush allows you to create empire sites in any niche and make money on contextual advertising, affiliate programs, and affiliate program from eBay. Each of the pages of the generated sites is sharpened for a specific keyword, which helps them to advance in the issuance of Google and other search engines. Each module for importing content can be customized at your discretion. You can also easily change the design of both entire sites and individual blocks.

And a few words about the advantages of the BRush script :

  • is easy to install and works on the machine;
  • contains a template system (Smarty) and additional templates included;
  • supports eBay main auctions (USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia);
  • generates landing pages for PPC campaigns;
  • optimized for search engines.

A detailed description of the script you can read here. The only thing I would like to add is that the script is constantly evolving and acquiring new functions. In this case, Arser and his team take into account the wishes of customers. So it seems that the script has a great future. 🙂

And in a month and a half (exactly after the end of the Spring Marathon) I will write an overview of the results of work with this script.

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