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Brush - time to sum up the first results - Profit Hunter So a month and a half has passed since Arser shared his Bablo button with me 🙂

During this time I got to know the script quite well (although I didn’t do everything planned because of his natural laziness and some objective reasons), to say that Brush properly performs all the functions that are listed in the description . Therefore, I am completely satisfied with it and consider its value to be quite justified.

Here, in principle, and all the feedback ...

No, no, I'm joking, this is only its beginning 🙂 I can't but tell you, why I was pleased with the script, right?

Here are comments on individual functions and benefits of the script:

  1. Simple installation of the script. Together with the script comes instruction in a few lines on how to install it. If you know how to set permissions on folders and make changes to the config file. php , you put the script in a few minutes.
  2. Low resource consumption . My sites are on shared-hosting. Work like a clock.
  3. Automatically add and update content . As soon as you make a list of keywords (if you are really lazy, the script will compile it for you 🙂), save it and run the built-in utility Prefill, the script will collect relevant content for each page of the site (regardless of their number). If you have long enough key phrases and the script cannot find articles, photos, news, etc. for them, you can always add the missing items manually.
  4. Synonymous text content on the site . Built-in synonymizer allows you to make the text of pages more unique. You can choose the depth of synonymization for each individual block, whether it is Google news or a description of the products from Amazon. If the built-in dictionary of synonyms is not enough, you can always add your own.
  5. Automatic ping . Thanks to ping, on the first day of its existence, my first Brush site brought 4 sales and several dozen visitors. Then, however, attendance fell, but it no longer depends on ping 🙂 The script pings the pages every time their content changes.
  6. SEO-friendly site structure . Sites on the Brush are arranged in such a way that it is worth sending a certain number of links to the main page and the sitemap, and Google regularly indexes it. I had enough of a couple of links in comments on Digg and a couple of dozen comments in bourgeois blogs in posts with PR3 + (including nofollow) to index about 75% of pages (368 pieces).
  7. A decent choice of affiliate programs . If you didn’t work out with eBay, you can tie an Amazon affiliate program to the site. Similarly, if for some reason you don’t want to place ads on Google AdSense on your websites, you can use Umax and Affiliate Cube feeds.
  8. Also, Brush generates landing pages for PPC campaigns , but I haven’t been able to test this feature yet, because I haven’t reached PPC yet 🙂
  9. And, of course , it is impossible to forget about remarkable those. support in the person of Arser himself. All the bugs found were corrected on the fly, wishes were taken into account, optimization tips and technical details were issued without question. In general, if Arser had not yet left ICQ, had not slept, had not eaten and had not gotten up from behind the computer, but had only answered customer questions ... 🙂

"This is all cool, but how much will I earn with the help of this Brush ? "- you ask. Honestly, I have no idea. Here everything depends on you. You will work hard, you will earn a lot. Although if you really really need the answer to this question, read the post about making money on online stores from the Boltolog.

In conclusion, I want to say that despite the fact that I am more impressed with working with niche I’ll still do one blog a month per store. Diversification of profit sources hasn’t hurt anyone yet 🙂


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