Browser browser with Atavi. How to use Atavi?

For a long time using one browser, many people start to fear that something will happen and everything will be lost.

Bookmarks, history, data, and more will disappear. This is a real problem, because an ordinary virus can damage the operating system and create a lot of difficulties. But there is a solution for everything.

Browser in browser with, this is at least the most convenient way to save bookmarks. Service designed specifically for security.

The computer may break, and you can access the site from another device. In addition, you can use one browser from anywhere and logging into the network, even from someone else's PC.

Browser browser with Atavi. How to use Atavi?

How good is Atavi?

Even a beginner can use the service, the Russian language is supported there. Position the project as a convenient tool for storing bookmarks. It has several advantages:

  • no money is taken for using the system;
  • bookmarks can be divided into several categories;
  • you will get quick access to any sites;
  • you can set up synchronization with other devices;
  • high security of all data;
  • works in any kind of browsers.

In fact, you will have a new browser , only it will be available by the link on a special site. It is very convenient, while it does not need to install anything.

Almost all browsers have the ability to store bookmarks in the cloud storage, this is also an option, but it is not so convenient.

How to use Atavi?

We have already said that even a beginner can understand the proposed functions of this service.

The first step is to register on their website:

Browser browser with Atavi. How to use Atavi?

Then you get to a personal page that looks like the main page in all Popular browsers:

Browser browser with Atavi. How to use Atavi?

In the upper part you are invited to make the start page in all installed browsers. Click on it and follow the instructions:

Browser browser with Atavi. How to use Atavi?

In the lower part there are groups of bookmarks, where you can add new groups and sites. On the right is the gear for setting this panel:

Browser browser with Atavi. How to use Atavi?

The icon with three bars in the upper right corner opens the main profile menu. From there you can download the plugin, set security settings, link accounts and customize the site's appearance:

Browser browser with Atavi. How to use Atavi?

In addition, several themes are available. Try to use the system, after a few minutes you will understand how to use this useful tool.

Many different systems come in handy for comfortable work on the Internet, and if you don’t think about the problems in advance, they will be caught off guard. Prepare yourself for something to happen to the browser, and keep your bookmarks in a safe place.

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