Broker Roboforex. Trading Training on Roboforex

It is quite possible to earn big money in Forex, but to get the maximum income from using a currency exchange, you need to use all the available odds.

You need to start by choosing a brokerage company, your success depends on its quality, because not all services offer profitable conditions for traders.

A reliable broker is one of the leading Forex companies. The service is suitable for investors, beginners and experienced traders, and also allows you to earn without investments and start-up capital.

Enormous functionality, user-friendly interface, the most favorable conditions - all this you get after registering with Roboforex.

Broker Roboforex. Trading Training on Roboforex

Make money without leaving home with Roboforex

One of the reasons we decided to write a review Roboforex is a competition. The organizers of this company are playing a premium car, between active traders:

Broker Roboforex. Trading Training on Roboforex

There is still a lot of time before the end of the competition, so you have every chance of becoming a winner and getting an expensive car.

In the 6 years of its existence, Roboforex has repeatedly proved its superiority and received many well-known awards.

When choosing a brokerage company, you must first evaluate the conditions for traders. At Roboforex, they are:

  • floating spread;
  • there are tools with zero spread;
  • leverage from 1: 700 to 1: 1000;
  • minimum lot size is only 0. 01;
  • multi-valued quotes;
  • market depth is 2 levels;
  • several currencies for opening an account;
  • there is no minimum threshold for replenishment.

Not surprisingly, many traders prefer this particular broker. But the most important thing is the availability of all the necessary tools for trading and making forecasts.

Promotions and Bonuses

One of the main advantages of Roboforex lies in its bonus policy. Thanks to various promotions and bonuses, you can get a lot of extra cash and other privileges.

What promotions can you now participate in?

  1. Increase in leverage up to 1: 1000.
  2. Bonus 50% to the deposit.
  3. 100% deposit bonus, with a deposit of $ 300.
  4. 115% bonus on deposits from $ 500.
  5. Verify your profile and get a lot of advantages.
  6. Refill your account without commission.
  7. Participate in the Welcome Bonus 3. 0 program and collect coupons, they give the right to transfer $ 15 to someone else's account (a great way to attract referrals).
  8. Trade on more favorable terms through the cTrader platform.
  9. According to the Rebates program, you can return the spread.

Thanks to all these incentives for active users and additional bonuses, you can significantly increase your start-up capital and conditions for traders become even more profitable.

Why Roboforex?

There are a lot of brokers, and comparing conditions one can come across almost similar offers. Roboforex is in many ways better than its competitors, here are some good reasons to opt for this broker:

  • a large selection of trading platforms;
  • automatic payouts;
  • several types of trading accounts;
  • possibility of automated trading;
  • availability of necessary certificates and licenses;
  • round-the-clock support;
  • personal consultants;
  • the opportunity to become a VIP client;
  • effective training for beginners.

In fact, this broker has even more advantages; you will definitely notice them when using the service.

Learning to trade on Roboforex

When listing the advantages of a brokerage company, we indicated that beginners can undergo effective training here. You can attend free webinars conducted by experienced professionals. On webinars, many topics are discussed, they are useful for any level of knowledge of the trader.

In addition, there are video courses, a guide to trading on MetaTrader 4 , tips from experienced traders, a detailed description of all Forex terms, and the ability to open a demo account. Gain theoretical and practical knowledge using all the tools at Roboforex.

How to trade with Roboforex?

If you use classic trading, then you will need to install one of the platforms. These are special programs in which deals are opened and closed.

The most popular platform is MetaTrader 4, so we recommend using it (especially since there is a tutorial on how to use it).

The order is opened easily, you need to select an asset, for example, some currency pair, after which a window opens:

Broker Roboforex. Trading Training on Roboforex

Nothing complicated, indicating an asset, setting volume funds for the transaction, if desired, indicate the stop loss and take profit (auto-close of the transaction after a certain amount of time has elapsed), then an order is opened by pressing the Buy button:

Broker Roboforex. Trading Training on Roboforex

B Your transaction statistics is displayed. Now you need to wait until the asset value changes in your favor and you can close the order by pressing the Sell button:

Broker Roboforex. Trading Training on Roboforex

The transaction is completed, and you received income on it or not depends on prediction literacy. By completing these three simple steps, you can open as many transactions as you like, but remember that you need to use analytics and try to guess where to better direct your capital.

Binary Options from Roboforex

Not so long ago, this broker added a new trading tool with which you can put money to change rates and asset values.

Binary options are capable of generating huge profits in a short time, like playing on a tote, you can bet money at any time and win:

Broker Roboforex. Trading Training on Roboforex

Everything is much simpler and download the platform is not required. Go to the option, choose an asset, set the time of its opening, specify the amount of the bet and choose the direction of the schedule.

Everything is simple, but in order to earn $ 1000 on options, you will have to display professional skills, because not a single beginner can guess what changes will be on Forex tomorrow.

Investing with Roboforex

Do you doubt that your knowledge is enough to make money on transactions and you are not sure that you are able to make correct predictions? Then use investing methods. There are 2 options for LAMM investment available on Roboforex.

When using them, your capital will be used to copy trades:

Broker Roboforex. Trading Training on Roboforex

After selecting a trader, you can copy his actions, benefiting from this. This type of trading is carried out in two ways. In the first, you pay a percentage of each transaction to the person from whom you copy the actions.

In the second, deductions are made immediately for all copied transactions. Both options are profitable if you choose a good trader, and most importantly, such investments are passive.

Roboforex Affiliate Program

You can choose from several options for cooperation with Roboforex. The most commonly used online partnership. It is necessary to attract clients to the brokerage company, receiving up to 60% of the spread for it.

Conditions are favorable, and partners get everything they need to effectively distribute advertising on the Internet:

Broker Roboforex. Trading Training on Roboforex

Using different formats of promotional materials, you will be able to attract customers from social networks, video hosting, forums, through contextual advertising and so on.

It is even more convenient to tell users about Roboforex through your site. In addition to promo, informers are available, they are installed on the pages of sites.

Roboforex, a high-quality and reliable broker, is not just a tool for working with Forex, it is the best company offering a wide range of tools, favorable terms and assistance.

It is not surprising that thousands of people already use the services of this company and receive large payments, and you can join their ranks today.

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