BotOD program for promotion in Odnoklassniki

Why are accounts created in social networks that attract many friends? Newbies do not even know how much benefit you can get from untwisted profiles.

In addition to using them, you can increase site traffic, you can invite friends to your groups and earn money. money on them.

Sending applications to friends and then inviting them to communities is easy, but it takes a lot of time, especially if you have a lot of accounts. Programs for promotion in Odnoklassniki will help save a lot of time, and in this article we will tell you about the best software that performs the necessary functions.

BotOD program for promotion in Odnoklassniki

Program for Odnoklassniki

Today you can find many different utilities in the network, designed to automate various processes in Odnoklassniki. Some of them have lost relevance, some are offered at an inflated price, and some do not work at all.

But not only BotOD - high-quality software, with the help of which you can automate routine concerns for promotion in Odnoklassniki.

This software is sold on the site. Now, it costs 2000 rubles, which will need to be paid only once. The program can work with any number of profiles, therefore, you do not have to keep additional costs.

BotOD Features:

  • mass mailing of messages (with filters, for example, by city or country);
  • automatic page visits, for attracting traffic from the "Guests" section (you can also set filters);
  • sending spam to groups (you can lose your profile, so it’s better not to use);
  • collecting links to pages of users from the target audience;
  • automatic status update;
  • with a large number of accounts, you can join the group in one click and use the invitations auto-reference;
  • is available to the tool ent for checking the validity of profiles;
  • there is a function for setting autoposting in communities;
  • automating sending requests for adding friends;
  • autoprocessing “Class” in photos of other users.

The BotOD program is a useful tool for working with Classmates , plus everything, you can use the proxy in it and connect Antigate in order not to solve the captcha yourself.

According to the developers of this software, in just a week, you can increase the audience of your community to 1 million participants. For this, you have to take advantage of the huge base of profiles that you can buy on.

Also after purchase, you will get access to a private forum where many people who earn money on the Internet communicate.

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