Bookmaking forks Tiki business and the robot earning a machine

Internet users are constantly trying to find ways of earning that would not make them learn for a long time and spend a lot of time constantly.

I want to adjust everything once, and then only count the profit. This is not so easy to do, but if there is a start-up capital, the opportunity is still there.

Earnings on forks in betting offices with can be semi-automatic or fully passive.

The developers of this project have already created a unique algorithm, which itself holds the stakes in BC, after finding the forks. How it works, how much it costs and what needs to be done, now we will tell.

Bookmaking forks Tiki business and the robot earning a machine

Tiki business scam, divorce and pyramid?

Proposals for automatic earnings are always suspicious. The Tiki business project is a full-fledged company that specializes in the development of software and services for convenient work with the betting market. But do not confuse this service with projects where they sell paid forecasts.

In September 2016, a fork scanner was created in the bookmakers. Forks, these are situations when it is guaranteed to make a profit from betting on different BCs from one event.

For example, you put in one office to win one team, and in the second to win their opponents. The main thing is to choose the appropriate coefficients, this is the scanner.

Thousands of people have already paid for a license to use a scanner. The cost starts from $ 40 per month. The amount is small, it is realistic to discourage only one bet.

But that's not all, after numerous requests, the developers have made a new program, Tiki Broker, which itself opens up bets on the tote.

Several packages have been developed for this program, ranging in price from $ 150 to $ 2,880 per year. The minimum deposit is $ 250, and the yield varies from 5% to 13% per month (floating rate).

I don’t have to do anything at all myself, so the profit here is less than when using a scanner.

An example of making money on forks with Tiki business

After paying for your subscription and entering your personal account, you will see a list of forks. You need to stop the scanner and select the appropriate event. Above each of them is a dollar sign, which must be clicked on to create detailed conditions:

Bookmaking forks Tiki business and the robot earning a machine

It doesn’t matter who plays, where, when and what. The most important thing is to catch the perfect moment for a win-win bet. For example, we have chosen a fork, where we offer to open bets on the total more than 1. 5 and less than 1. 5 through two bookmakers. For convenience, you can enter the total amount (how much you are willing to spend):

Bookmaking forks Tiki business and the robot earning a machine

The forks indicate which bookmakers should be used. To make it more convenient, add a button 1 Click. Click on it and 2 browser windows appear with the necessary bookmakers. Now you can open a bet on any amount. To show an illustrative example, let's make a couple of bets of $ 10:

Bookmaking forks Tiki business and the robot earning a machine

Yes, you need to register with different BCs, replenish balance sheets, this is the main difficulty of earning sports arbitration. But the results are impressive, we spent $ 20 on 2 bids, only one of them worked and brought 27. $ 5:

Bookmaking forks Tiki business and the robot earning a machine

The profit from one transaction is almost 50%, minus commissions and other costs, let it be 30%. Anyway, a solid profit. Imagine if it was $ 200 or even $ 2000, then the profit would be $ 75 and $ 750, respectively.

Tiki scanner forks in betting offices

Initially, the service offered only getting information about possible forks, so the scanner is more popular. After its payment, you get access to your personal account, where you need to perform the above actions. Users can set filters themselves to search for the necessary forks:

Bookmaking forks Tiki business and the robot earning a machine

Bookmakers are selected, sports, wager types, and even a browser is configured that will open in one click. Users are offered several tariffs, the cost varies from $ 40 to $ 111. $ 1 per month:

Bookmaking forks Tiki business and the robot earning a machine

Do I have to overpay? See for yourself, but the cheapest fare is very limited. With it you get access to forks only in football, tennis and volleyball. There are no bonuses, you can not even become a partner. There are no forecasts here either:

Bookmaking forks Tiki business and the robot earning a machine

However, plugs are provided, so you can start from the cheapest package. The functional of the cabinet will be complete, registration will be required at checkout.

Payment is carried out through Bitcoin or with the help of an exchanger where you can choose popular payment systems, bank cards and even cryptocurrency exchange codes.

The Tiki Broker is a money-making robot

You don’t have to open bids yourself if you use a well-thought algorithm. In the fall of 2018, TikiBroker was officially launched. Bear in mind that it works in tandem with a scanner, therefore it is purchased separately.

The cheapest package Classic brings an average of 5% per month, all sports are used, but there are some functional limitations:

Bookmaking forks Tiki business and the robot earning a machine

The most expensive TikiEdition costs 2000 $ 12 months. The arbitration bonus ranges from 5 to 13 percent per month. You do not bet yourself, so it makes sense in your free time to share your successes and attract referrals. The cheapest package already provides referral charges:

Bookmaking forks Tiki business and the robot earning a machine

After registering in the system, be sure to go to the "Training" section. Detailed instructions are provided there. In addition, the section "My Mentors" provides contact information for users to whom you can ask questions.

Statuses and bonuses on Tiki business

One of the reasons for the immense popularity of Tikibusiness, and indeed TikiGroup companies, is the career ladder. They even sell the franchise on their product, and bonuses are awarded to the most active users. Their size depends on the total turnover of the team:

Bookmaking forks Tiki business and the robot earning a machine

It is necessary to attract as many clients as possible in order to get points for it. The more of them, the faster the status rises. Just keep in mind that if referrals are no longer active for more than 100 days, points will burn.

Nuances of Tiki business - frequently asked questions

Some points in the system are not understandable for beginners. On YouTube, there are lots of videos about Tiki, instructions, reviews, a personal account, and so on. We will answer the most important questions:

  1. How long does it take to work?

Decide for yourself, there are no requirements. And if you connect Tiki Broker, you don’t have to do anything at all.

  1. How much can you earn with Tiki business?

Starting from general statistics - the average income of newbies is 300 euros, professionals get from 1000 euros every month . Much depends on the amount of investment.

  1. Who manages the money?

Users themselves, because the Tiki platform is something like MetaTrader. The tool is needed for transactions.

  1. There are limits on the rates?

Amounts are set by the bookmakers. How many bets you will open with the help of signals is not important.

  1. How to understand the Tiki service?

A training section was added specifically for beginners, there is even a video instruction sheet.

  1. Is this legal at all?

You just bet on the sweepstakes, it is not prohibited by law. But remember that bookmakers prohibit the use of forks. How will they know about it? No!

  1. What is an arbitration bonus?

After activating the robot, the additional bonus starts to accumulate, it is paid once a year.

  1. What happens when the package expires?

You can buy other packages, there are no restrictions.

  1. How to earn a lot with Tiki business?

The most promising way is to buy a franchise. You will build your own business and receive bonuses in addition to income.

  1. How to withdraw money?

Withdrawal takes place every Monday, users choose the direction of payment themselves, the maximum amount depends on the type of package.

If you have any questions, better go to the section "My Mentors". There you will see contacts of experienced users who will help you understand everything.

Tiki business reviews

Many people have already entrusted their money to this company and have not regretted it. In the reviews express only a positive impression. While the popularity is not so high, but everything is changing rapidly. The most important thing is that in their comments users leave screenshots with payouts:

Bookmaking forks Tiki business and the robot earning a machine

Someone uses a fork scanner, others put the whole machine through a robot, others earn money by attracting new customers and buying franchises.

Everyone is satisfied with the project, which is rapidly gaining momentum, is open to everyone and holds real events (there are videos on the official website).

Reviews of Tiki are positive, there are several types of earnings, the Internet is full of screenshots confirming the payments. The project really works, and its robot brings profit to thousands of users.

The company's revenues are impressive, so they have already begun to open their own bookmakers and launch other projects.

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