Bookmakers with the highest odds

Having barely learned about the possibility of earning money at bookmaker offices, you should not hurry and invest all your savings in it.

First, you need to understand the basic elements and how the profit of the company is made. Only not many know what the term coefficient means, what it is and what it depends on.

Bookmaker ratios are an indication of how much you can get. The amount of winnings is formed by a simple formula - bet * coefficient - bet = win.

Understanding this is not at all difficult, but before you invest money in a sporting event, you need to evaluate the gain.

Bookmakers with the highest odds

What does the odds in BC depend on?

If you go into one of the best bookmakers and look at the odds, you can immediately understand. The more likely the outcome, the lower the score.

For example, if a strong team competes with a weak, then the coefficient for its victory will not be big, as it is obvious who will be the winner.

Each bookmaker has its own odds, so it makes sense to go to different sites in order to find the most favorable conditions. Of course, the difference is not significant, but it is.

Why so? Because each bookmaker independently analyzes the possibility of game outcomes and carries out mathematical calculations.

The most popular bookmakers in Runet use the European type of coefficients , but to become a professional in this niche, you need to understand all types:

  1. Decimal - it’s European where the coefficients are set in fractions, but reduced to tenths. For example, the indicator 3. 4 says that if you win, your bet will be multiplied by this number.
  2. American is the most complex type, since it uses negative and positive numbers. For example, if you see the coefficient. - 106, this means that by investing $ 106 you can win $ 100. If the indicator is positive +101, then you need to invest $ 100 to win $ 101.
  3. English - used by the most popular BC abroad. The coefficients look like this: 19/4 and this indicates that investing 4 $ you can win 19 $.

Why study the types of coefficients that are not found in Russian-speaking BC? If you use forks in the bookmakers, you will have to register on many sites, including foreign ones.

Bookmakers with the highest odds

Bookmakers with the highest ratios

Selecting one company is difficult, as this indicator is constantly floating. However, with prolonged use, you may notice that on some BQ coefficients. taller.

These include, and. All offices are well-known and solid, they have been working for many years and honestly pay the winnings.

You can not miss the more well-known. In addition to high odds, this company stands out with a convenient and thoughtful interface, a wide range of methods for depositing and withdrawing funds, a huge number of betting games and the availability of a mobile application so that you can put money anywhere.

The owners of betting companies make huge money, and they are ready to share with everyone who is well versed in sports. Learn the subtleties of earnings at the rates and, you will have a real opportunity to increase your capital several times.

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