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If you are a risky person and well versed in sports, you can test your knowledge and make money with betting companies.

We already told where to put money for sports and we advise all users to register only on proven projects.

In addition to safe bets, you will be offered the highest odds.

Bookmaker bonuses are another reason to take advantage of the best projects for sports betting. There are many high-quality bookmakers who give decent bonuses, but at their expense you can significantly increase the starting capital.

The most important thing is to learn how to make the right predictions for sports so as not to lose all the money.

Bookmakers giving bonuses | Workion. ru

Which bookmaker bonuses can you get?

This article presents a list of different bookmakers, and also describes all bonuses for players:

  1. . My favorite bookmaker's office, with wide lines and decent odds. The company has a license to provide services in Russia, so it is officially allowed. Its administration spends a lot of shares and often. You can go to the section with the appropriate name and see which are available now and which are already closed:
Bookmakers giving bonuses | Workion. ru

At the moment, the Betting League holds 4 different promotions. All clients of the bookmaker office can take part in them:

  • you can win a car by getting special coupons for bets from 500 rubles. Only club card holders can participate, as well as residents of certain cities;
  • the stakes on the Russian football premier league have become higher, they can now be won up to 7,000,000 rubles; free bets, if they stably put at least 200 rubles every day;
  • get coupons for the "Invite a friend" promotion and get free bets for your friends to use.

There were always bonuses in bookmakers, but companies allowed in the Russian Federation rarely offer them. In addition to all this, the action " Beginners at 500 rubles " is open indefinitely.

Please register with BC to get free bet:

Bookmakers giving bonuses | Workion. ru

You can use this money only for one bet. The resulting profit at the rate can be displayed. For beginners 60 days are given so that they can use the received gift.

  1. . Another bookmaker company offering bonus to newcomers. Here it is 2000 rubles, and in order to receive a gift, you need not only to register, but also to go through verification. The company is working legally, so you need the linkage of the IPPC. By the time it all takes a few minutes:
Bookmakers giving bonuses | Workion. ru

You can use this money to open the express for 3 events (only one). Profit also becomes available for withdrawal, it is important to know all the conditions for receiving a bonus in BC:

  • verification via Skype is required;
  • the amount is fully paid; >
  • if you can win, you get only profit from the bet;
  • you need to use the free bet for a week.

Just imagine that you will bet 2,000 rubles with a factor of 5 and win. Without spending a penny, the income will be 10,000 rubles, of which 8,000 rubles will be yours. Even if you are not a professional, take advantage of this offer.

  1. . A serious organization, it has many real representative offices in Russia. The license to provide services to the Russians is available. Free bets and cash gifts for registration are not provided here, but there are other types of bonuses.

First, you can use coupons received for activity on the site. The Market section provides an online store for buying freebies for the points earned. The choice is big, there are singles and express trains with different coefficients.

Bookmakers giving bonuses | Workion. ru

Secondly, an action is held for those who are left without money on the balance sheet. Administration offers advance rates. Money for bets are provided and then automatically deducted from the winnings.

If there is a loss, the balance is reset. Trust rates are available only if real rates have been held in the last 48 hours. The amount allocated to the players determines the bookmaker individually.

If you still win at other bets, the company will deduct the size of the confidence rate. When resetting the balance, the game begins with a clean slate.

Using bookmaker bonuses is the right step and experienced players always use easy ways to increase their deposit.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that no bonuses will bring you huge profits if you don’t learn betting, so keep on learning and be sure to learn 22 football betting tips.

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