Bonuses for registration on Superkopilka + review

In this article, we will talk about a well-known investment Internet project that has been working for almost four years already, namely, the Superkopilka Community.

In December last year, I posted an article about this project in the Investing section.

Bonuses for registration on Superkopilka + review

Bonuses for registering for Super Pile

And now, a year later, I am ready to recommend you again. In addition, the community now has excellent conditions for new users. After registration, each new participant receives $ 100 to the Prepaid account, deposits can be made for this money, and after the expiration of their work, they can already be received along with interest as a payment to the main account, from where they can be transferred to your Internet wallet.

Also during the week from the moment of registration, you can receive 50% of the amount of each deposit as a cash bonus to your account. Thus, your funds will increase by 1.5 times even before you have time to create your first program. The maximum amount of such a bonus can reach $ 250. More information about bonuses for new members can be found on the official Community website in the article "".

The community offers three types of programs that allow you to make a profit. By creating Deposits, you can increase your funds, while the rates will be higher than in banks

For those who cannot immediately place a large contribution, there is a goal accumulation program, where the participant during the whole period of her work weekly makes a small amount, and after it finishes, she receives all the accumulated funds along with the profit. The program ID was named Rentier and it allows you to receive passive income from the first week after making a deposit.

Thus, SuperKopilka allows people with any financial resources to .

Bonuses for registration on Superkopilka + review

Deposits insured by Adaptation

If you are one of those who prefer to learn more about how the project takes money to pay for participants, and only then invest your money in it, then Superkopilka will be interesting to you. After all, community administrators eagerly talk about the mechanism that allows the project to work and pay money to its members for the fourth year in a row. This Algorithm is called Payout Schedule.

All payments for programs created by users are lined up in this graph. Using data for the past period, the Superkopilka management makes forecasts about how much money the project will have in one week or another to pay participants for the programs.

When this planned limit is reached for a particular week, the ability to create new programs with payment for this week is closed.

Thanks to this, the project always has money so that all participants receive their payments. But the creators of Superkopilka did not stop there and improved the payment schedule making it an order of magnitude safer. Saying “an order of magnitude”, I really mean that the payment schedule became ten times more reliable . And considering that it was a very well thought out mathematical algorithm before, now SuperKopilka has provided for itself and its members a stable existence for many years to come.

The tool that protects the contributions of participants and ensures reliable operation of the project will be the Adaptation of the payment schedule, which will be launched in early 2017. It took the project administration several months to develop and implement the idea rotyazhenii which the official community website published news articles about this algorithm One of them - ".", the most in detail and describes the principle of operation of these mechanisms.

Bonuses for registration on Superkopilka + review

Buying Equity Shares of Superkopilka

Such a reliable and mathematically calculated mechanism did not go unnoticed and the management of Superkopilka began to receive offers from large investors, who wanted to redeem part of the project and subsequently receive profits.

The idea to attract investments for the further development of the project was liked by the Community admins, but they decided to implement it by launching the sale of Equity Shares among the SuperKopilka participants.

Now each user of the project can become its co-owner and receive dividends in the form of weekly payments, the size of which depends on the size of the stake of the participant, as well as on the profit of the project, which is constantly growing at a geometric rate.

In December 2016, the sale of shares started at the minimum price of $ 0.20 per unit, but gradually their value will increase.

Already in January 2017, one share can be bought for $ 0.30.The more shares are bought, the higher their value will rise, and the size of the participant’s share will depend on the number of shares, and not on their price, so the earlier the shares are bought, the more benefits they bring to their owner.

The purchase of Equity Shares will be available until the end of May 2017 or until an investment of $ 300,000 is attracted. It should be noted that since the start of sales on December 6, participants have already managed to acquire more than 200,000 shares.

Also in the future it is planned to launch the Exchange, where participants will be able to put up for sale previously purchased shares at a higher price.
You can find more information on the official website of the SuperKopilka in the article "”.

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