Bonus without deposit, is it a hoax?

As for the no deposit bonuses, online casinos are actively debating.

Some claim that this is a frank deception, others try to explain that even a small chance to win decent money, worthy of attention. You can understand both sides, so we decided to look into this issue.

Are casino no deposit bonuses so good? Like it or not, and everything that is distributed for free is good.

Due to the increased number of bonus hunters, casino owners set strict limits on the withdrawal of bonus money, but they still distribute them. Agree, it is better than if they did not exist.

Bonus without deposit, is it a hoax?

No, this is not a hoax, they are really distributed to the players, but they are unlikely to succeed. You have to wager the bonus 25-40 times to get funds for the main balance, but this has its advantages.

No deposit bonuses are not always in cash, consider the main types:

  1. Bonuses with free spins. Backs are an opportunity to spin the reels in the slot machines. For the first time I received them from the casino for registration. The main advantage of this bonus is the ability to evaluate slots.

    It is not necessary to win back money in them (only occasionally there are such conditions), which is also a plus. But there is a downside. First, free spins are usually given with minimum bets (up to a few kopecks), and second, you have to play a certain machine.

  2. Cash bonus with no deposit. This bonus is in almost all casinos (on, you can get 777 rubles). As already mentioned, no one will allow you to withdraw money, but they can be used for the game.

    What does wagging x20 mean? If you see it in conditions, then you will have to wager the bonus amount at least 20 times. For example, if you received 1000 rubles, you will need to spend a lot of games to the total amount of bets exceeded 20 000 rubles. But there are also such casinos, where in addition to the wager, you need to make a deposit, read the conditions carefully.

  3. Bonus in local currency. There are many casinos that use their own currency. A great example of a casino that uses points. Each player has a separate balance with real currency and an account for points.

    They are charged for activity, and you can use them both for playing and for exchanging for real money. If a no deposit bonus is offered in local currency, they should also be used, especially if this currency can be exchanged. It is also worth noting that most of the tournaments in casinos are held with the local currency.

As the saying goes, “Give, take, hit, run,” with respect to no deposit bonuses, this is a suitable expression.

Bonus without deposit, is it a hoax?

When additional incentives are offered, even if they are subject to harsh conditions, they should be used. The most profitable bonuses in online casinos really help to increase the bankroll, so be sure to use them.

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