BOMB-INVEST binary options trading strategy

Trading strategy for binary options "BOMB-INVEST"

Trading strategy "BOMB -INVEST "is able not only to bring you fabulous profits, but can also blow your brain to a binary options broker. And the reason for this is simple.

The profitability of this strategy sometimes reaches 90% . Making a profit on 9 out of 10 contracts, you can successfully ruin more than one broker. If you want to know how to do this, read this article.

BOMB-INVEST binary options trading strategy

How to trade according to the BOMB-INVEST strategy?

To apply the strategy, download the trading terminal on the computer and install it into its root directory from my archive template is BOMB-INVEST.

Description of how to carry out these manipulations can be successfully obtained on the Internet, so we will not stop.

When you do everything correctly, the following picture will appear on your screen:

BOMB-INVEST binary options trading strategy

Trading by strategy is not difficult and you can earn big money. But everyone knows: to earn is not difficult, it is difficult to get them. If you trade with an unverified broker, then with almost one hundred percent guarantee you cannot get money into your bank account.

And believe my experience, the broker will come up with a thousand reasons and conditions so as not to list your earnings. You can still get to the so-called "kitchen". This is a company that does not bring your deal to the world market, and trade takes place between the company's customers.

This is like a game in a casino, where the casino itself always wins, and if it cannot win, then a forced selection of funds will wait for you at the exit. Therefore, I can advise the company whose services I use myself. This is a company.

Here I have never once encountered such problems, although, in my opinion, I am simply banishing a broker. But due to the withdrawal of my contracts to the world market, the company does not lose anything and gives me a good earning.

And its trading conditions are, in general, a separate topic for conversation and we will return to it in the course of the narration .

For the convenience of trading in the system, we put the MT4 platform and terminal next:

BOMB-INVEST binary options trading strategy

Conclusion of transactions on the BOMB-INVEST trading system

For CALL OPTION contracts:

  1. The blue and red line of the ZERO LAG MACD indicator should cross the zero level upward
  2. Green and red should also cross Moving up on the chart of quotations

After closing the signal candle, we buy an option.

BOMB-INVEST binary options trading strategy

Transactions Down:

For PUT OPTION contracts:

  1. Blue and red should intersect lines of the ZERO LAG MACD indicator below the zero level
  2. Also, the green and red movings down on the

quotation chart should cross. After the signal candlestick is closed, we buy an option.

BOMB-INVEST binary options trading strategy

Of course, there are situations when unprofitable contracts occur. The market is the market. But I believe that getting 1-2 losing trades, in general, can not affect the overall effectiveness of the strategy.

Although these moments can be reduced to a minimum by just expanding the contract expiration time range a little. And in the end, almost all transactions will be closed with a plus.

And even though, at first glance, the strategy is very simple, its efficiency sometimes goes off scale. But, as you understand, we are looking for systems that help us maximize our profits.

Options and expiration times in the BOMB-INVEST system

Most often, I use simple binary options with expiration dates (contract duration) for trading with this strategy no more 2 hours, technical analysis is carried out on the chart of quotations with лю15 time frame of the MT4 trading terminal.

Getting 8 candles on a chart is enough to get a profitable contract.

Money Management on the BOMB-INVEST System

It is clear that it is impossible to save and increase your money without applying the banal capital management rules. But if the amount of your transactions will be no more than 2% of the amount of your deposit, you may well be able to protect yourself against the loss of the entire deposit.

And those small drawdowns that can occur, you will be able to compensate with great success with the use of the martingale. This can be helped by the Binomo mini-lots, which cost starts at $ 1.

And even if you have a $ 10 Binomo micro deposit, you will still be successful in binary options.

Well, I sort of finished the description of the strategy. All successful trades!

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