Blogs for people - critical vulnerability detected - Profit Hunter

And in order to eliminate this vulnerability I had to take some measures 2

If you run a blog and track its statistics, you probably should have noticed that during periods of frequent publications blog attendance is increasing, and in periods calm - falls. I have noticed the same phenomenon on my blog in the past few weeks.

So in order to prevent a slow death of a blog (now there is no time left even for writing posts, not to mention any promotion, etc.), I decided to involve a co-author. And this co-author was Denis Golovach aka GolDenOne, which was already noted several times in the blog with its guest posts. He is also the author of the day before yesterday article on how to get into DMOZ. So please love and favor 🙂 Blogs for people - critical vulnerability detected - Profit Hunter

And now I give the floor to Denis, who will clearly show how and why the attendance of blogs made for people depends on the frequency of publications.

It’s about a Design Blog, a typical SOM, a blog for aspiring designers and for those just interested in graphics and photoshop. During the year, the site advanced by keywords: photoshop lessons , download brushes , download photoshop , vector clipart , and so on.

Initially, the site was planned as a SOM. Friendly interface, direct download links, unique author's lessons - all this contributed to attracting regular users to the site. Here are the indicators of the site’s popularity growth for the year:

Blogs for people - critical vulnerability detected - Profit Hunter

Here are the sources of traffic:

Blogs for people - critical vulnerability detected - Profit Hunter

As you can see, about 40% of users have these are regular visitors who bookmarked the site or remembered the name. Is it good or bad? Let's figure it out.

Of course, such visitor confidence suggests that the site is necessary and useful, users return to it again and again. However, there is one small “but.” It is these regular users who are looking for new content on the site, that is, they open the main page of the site, browse the news, choose something interesting for themselves and leave the site. As they often visit the site, it’s high the likelihood of their being “clambered all along” (especially since on average each visitor views 7 pages).

So what happens? If the site is not updated frequently, the number of visitors will gradually fall? Definitely yes. Look at another chart:

Blogs for people - critical vulnerability detected - Profit Hunter

See the “pit” in attendance? Where did it come from? It's simple, the site has not been updated all of June 2008. Only one search engine showed up.

By the way, about the search engines. Please note that Google responded normally to the fact that the site stopped updating and continued to give visitors, while the Russian PS did not like it, and they gave a warning shot in the air.

So if you don’t want to lose the majority of your visitors, update your blogs as often as possible.


Meanwhile, Brake released a new set of modules for the Bookmark called an SEO blogger. This module includes all the Runetovsk social networks for bloggers, SEOs and moneymakers. Overview of these social networks presented here.

Well, I finally registered in the Blogun system. As if the system has long been known, but if you hear about it for the first time, I’ll say that this is exactly what you need to start young and inexperienced moneymakers. If in a nutshell, Blogun will pay you for the fact that you will make reviews of goods and services of advertisers on your blogs or simply put links to them. Work, do not hit a recumbent 🙂

If anything, here is my affiliate link.

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